Spoilers – Fullmetal Alchemist: Milos no Sei naru Hoshi (The Sacred Star of Milos)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Milos no Sei naru Hoshi (The Sacred Star of Milos) / 劇場版 鋼の錬金術師 嘆きの丘(ミロス)の聖なる星


Criminal Melvin, serving his sentence at the prison in Central City for robbery, escapes from jail, and heads West. Ed and Al chase him to the Milos City, where they meet mysterious girl Julia Criton, member of an organization called “Black Bat”.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

Aired 2nd July 2011

Directed by Muraya Kazuya and produced by Bones and FUNimation Entertainment

Rate NC16 for blood spamming

Official Website


This is quite sad, but on Saturday night – for the first time ever, in my life – I watched an anime on big screen. Fullmetal Alchemist: Milos no Sei naru Hoshi was screened for only two days, and my brother immediately snapped up 3 tickets for us siblings – but even then it was half full. On the day itself, I was so excited to see that tickets were sold out. They even gave us a free FMA poster! Life as an anime fan is pretty sad for me, since there’s only one person in my life (who isn’t related to me) who holds a passion for manga and anime up to my level (hi chungky). Even then, chungky’s a shoujo fan while I’m a shounen one. Whatever it is, it was an unbelievably wonderful experience to be sitting in the cinema watching the movie with other fans, enjoying and laughing the movie together.

Okay, I live such a sad life I’m becoming sappy. Moving on.

I would write a review for this, but I have a feeling that not many out there have watched it. So I’ll be nice and just spit out what happened from A to Z. Bear in mind that I’ve only watched this once, and the highlight for the movie for me were all the alchemy action scenes so some details may be a little blurry. Some of the sequence of events may not be in correct sequence, and I may have omitted some of the happenings but I’m pretty sure I’ve got the gist of it. Also, the pictures in this post are really blurry and are kinda really almost ultra LQ since I just took snapshots from various trailers. So for all that may be wrong and unpretty, I’ll apologize here in advance.

The setting of the movie is at the border of the two countries, Amestris and Creta. Ed and Al go all the way there chasing a fugitive, and they get dragged into the whole political-terrorism whish whash between Creta and the people of Milos who want to take their country back.

If you’re planning on watching the movie sometime soon, you don’t have to worry if you can’t stay until the end of the credits since I assure you there’s nothing there. This was what made my movie experience quite sweet – even when the credits were rolling and the lights had turned on, hardly anybody got up from their seats. And when there was nothing after the credits, there was a disappointed ‘awww…’ from all of us. Ahh, the sweet experience…!

Spoilers start after the break!

So the whole movie starts with a young Julia Crichton, her bro and mommy leaving some valley to go live in Creta. The people in the valley were pretty pissed off, saying they don’t care if the Crichton family betrayed them all by going to that country so up yours, and then they all get shot by the border people. Bro tells her not to look, but the officer in charge of them says let her look, and boy does she look.

Fast forward a handful of years, Julia wakes up from her dream of her own people getting shot down. She’s with her bro, he’s reading a book and he tells her to go to bed. She approaches him and asks if he’s reading again, and he says yep, I’m reading all the stuff our parents researched. It’s the research book that granted them entry into Creta, and the research book that had their own people hatin’ on them. She’s looking at the book with him, when he suddenly snaps it shut. A scream comes from somewhere outside the room, so he tells her to stay in that room while he goes to check and see what it was. Of course after a few minutes she doesn’t listen, follows him to other room, only to see both her parents murdered and her brother… well he was either unconscious or on his knees not knowing what to do. Whatever it was, she just fainted after and we finally get to see ED AND AL!!

Don’t really know which city they’re in (somewhere in Amestris) but there’s a Harvest Festival going on. Ed is, as usual, sleeping among gargantuan amount of books when Al comes in and pulls one of those party popper thingies and wakes him up. Big bro falls outta his chair, asking little bro wth you doing. Apparently lil bro got one of those things when he was buying something (food, I think?) and then he showed big bro, look! I can do it again! Except that when he pulls it this time, the whole window explodes. Edward goes into state alchemist mode, jumping outta the window to see what the heck was going on outside.

Scene changes to all the convicts raving that whoever did the whole explosion thing was a raving lunatic. Then it changes to an alley where lone convict comes running, only to be stopped by our heroic Edward Elric. When he wants to turn back, it’s blocked by his ototou, Al! They fight with all that cool alchemy, realise that dude is doing some weird alchemy (snow and lightning) they’ve never seen before and when they try to trap him he escapes by going up. If this, in any way, sounds extremely familiar you may wanna just review your first episode of FMA Brotherhood. Anyway once everything’s blown up, the dude’s run away and Ed has once again damaged his right arm, the military arrive just in time to place the Elric brothers under suspicion but of course our state alchemist whips out his shiny pocket watch to solve all their everyday problems. Then comes the usual “An automail leg and arm… you’re the Fullmetal Alchemist!” sort of line and so they go all respectful and bring him to the crime scene.

Apparently convict dude was was supposed to serve five years, but he busted himself outta jail Getsuga Tenshou style after 4 and a half years. Scene changes to Roy and Riza who are discussing the case Central, and the moment they step out of office our lovely Elric brothers are waiting for the outside, sitting in a little car. An irritated Roy demands to know why they’re here, and a calm Riza just explains that they are witnesses.

So anyway he explains to them the investigation results after questioning the other inmates – that the convict, Melvin Voyager, was probably looking for a person called Julia Crichton who was a rebel against Creta. One of the last items he left in his cell was a newspaper where he had cut out a picture of her when she was arrested. Seeing as she was arrested in Table City – an Amestrian occupied place in Creta – both bros go and journey to the west to go and catch their criminal!

They take their usual train, but on the way to Table City the rebels suddenly start attacking, and then suddenly human bats are flying all over the sky and someone turned into the big bad wolf. It was all pretty confusing even though it was cool, but somehow in the chaos the train wouldn’t stop (doh) and somewhere our convict Melvin pops out like a mushroom. So at first Ed is fighting the wolf dude, then the human bats swoop down, and then Melvin sees Ed fighting wolf dude, and then he wants to fight wolf dude… well in the end the human bats wanted to save their allies who were being transported (it was a trap), wolf guy jumps down from train and Ed and Al destroy the train tracks when trying to stop the train from crashing into the station. In all the confusion at the end, Melvin manages to run away.

When they start to chase after him, he goes Getsuga Tenshou on yet another jail where Julia Crichton then acrobats her way out, and is saved by her bat friends, the Black Bats! But Melvin doesn’t want her to go away so he start shooting icicles at them, Julia falls, and then she’s hanging onto one of those fancy ornament thingies on the building. Ed and Al appear, everything goes alchemy alchemy alchemy action scenes which ends with Al saving the girl from the building, only to have the both of them + Mr Melvin falling into the plunging valley that surround Table City. Melvin saves the day by creating a lovely an plush snow cushion, and then they are surrounded by Julia’s allies. Al reveals he has no head, the people realise he’s trespassed on God’s territory, and Melvin reveals that he is actually Julia’s long-lost brother. So Melvin gets taken in with caution, and Al gets taken in as a prisoner.

Meanwhile Ed is talking to the guy in charge of Table City who’s the usual unlike-able type and looks like he could be Yoki’s brother. They chit chat for a bit, and Ed finds out that there’s a ghetto down there, where the Milosians live after they were ousted by the Cretans. Ed then transmutes the whole platform into a pulley device and goes after Al (which surprisingly enough didn’t piss anyone off). Finds out the hands-on way that the Cretans just dump their trash into the valley, and when he reaches the valley floor he unearths all the Black Bat allies who are waiting in ambush and tells them to bring him to their leader.

At the bat hideout, Julia finishes questioning Al and concludes that he’s innocent, then goes off to deal with her brother that nobody else seems to trust. She vouches for him as well (if he really is her bro), and he explains that on the night he saw their parents murdered by the wolf chimeras who were looking for their parents’ alchemy research book. He ran away with both her and the book, but when it was clear the wolves won’t stop chasing he left her under a tree and ran away with the book to lure them away. Once that talk was done, they talk about their plan to recover Table City, which involves using the sacred star of Milos that is said to be able to fuel the power of the earth’s magma. Thing is that they have to find the thing first, of course.

Ed on the other hand goes through the ghetto village, wondering how they could live in such squalid conditions. The guy who’s guiding him (hands tied and unarmed) gives him the summary of the Milosians history, where they were murdered bloody by the Cretans who wanted their holy land. When the Amestrians came, it became even worse. The Cretans were even building a geothermal plant, fuelled by the earth’s magma by making the Milosians work like slaves. Ed feels bad, frees him, and returns his weapon. They still go through the village, where they stop by an automail place. Dude is enraptured by Ed’s automail, and they chit chat until there goes a warning bell that signals the police so Ed and the rebel dude enter a secret passage and run away.

In Creta, some Colonel Darth Vader dispatches one of his big bad wolves. Wolf follows Ed and rebel dude through the secret passage, attacks them and kills rebel dude before running off towards the bat people’s secret base. At the rebel base, wolf kills everything in his way sending out alarms. Al easily breaks out of his prison, Melvin runs towards the action scene and Ed meets up with them. Everything goes alchemy alchemy gun gun gun with the wolf taking Julia hostage. Melvin attacks anyway, Al once more saves the girl and Ed teams up with Melvin to pwn the wolf chimera who turns back into a man.

Somewhere along the story Winry pops into Roy’s office and asks where Ed since she has to do up his automail, then Riza comes in and whispers something to Roy. Armstrong comes in and they figured something out together without stripping. Anyway bottom line is that they all end up going to Table City.

Colonel Darth Vader in his office suddenly says he found whoever it was he was looking for, and dispatches two other wolf dudes. Black Bats realise they’re coming, and go deeper into the cave where there’s an underground reservoir and they swim away so the wolves lose their scent. They enter some other hideout and show Ed and Al a diagram of Milos (Table City when it was under Milosian rule) made by the same alchemists that later destroyed it. Apparently, Table city used to just be a hill with towers since it was a sacred hill. Then the Cretans invaded because they heard of the sacred star as well, and made the Milosians dig around the hill in order to excavate for the sacred star. All the digging caused the valley to become even deeper, until it became what it is now.

After hearing the description of the almighty sacred star, Ed concludes that it sounds suspiciously like a Philosopher’s Stone. He warns Julia that if it’s true, then that would mean that the ingredients are the lives of a finite number of lives. She goes ‘it can’t be true!’ and her own bro goes ‘oh yes it is!’. Anyway the Black Bats were all ‘we would readily lay our lives down!’ so they’re all pro sacred star, and Julia stands by them. Ed and Al just leave and go back to Table City, where they try to figure out the secret behind the holy hill.

The Black Bats are concerned the genius Elric brothers might figure out the secret to the hill, but Mr Melvin interjects with a “They won’t find it because THIS is what the Cretans were looking for!” and he goes all Johnny Bravo and strips off his shirt. Instead of glittering like Armstrong, he reveals a alchemy circle brand on his skin. The Black Bats initiate their invasion plan!

Back to the Elric brothers, Ed realises that the original model of the hill they saw in the secret base and the actual Table city were not much different in terms of the number of towers and their arrangement; so they poke around the odd one out and discover the old Milosian civilization hidden beneath Table Town. They concluded the Cretans came, couldn’t figure out the secret of the sacred hill and before they could do anything the Amestrians came gatecrashing in. So Ed and Al follow the breadcrumbs, reach an odd room that has pizza lines on the floor and can’t come up with anything so they go through another door. Behind that door was a tomb, and once they lifted it together and found it empty, their hands are cuffed by the tomb the moment they put it down. Yoki’s could-be brother then arrives and goes all ‘seems like even you can’t figure out the secret of the sacred hill’, and Ed goes ‘wth do you want the stone for you don’t even know how to use it’ and Yoki’s long lost bro goes ‘Imma sell it and imma be rich and imma tell all my men to shoot ya!’

So when he finally leaves, the Black Bats on the other hand have initiated their plan and their rat comrades are digging holes to infiltrate from underground while they attack from above. Ed and Al easily get out from their alchemists in distress moment, and rush out where they see Julia in her bat suit and warn her that everything was a trap. She goes all ‘thanks but no thanks!’ and flies off with her comrades.

Meanwhile Yogi’s bro is wondering why they weren’t going underground like he thought they would while the bat infiltrating party pwns everything in their way and finally reach the tower at the peak of the hill. Once they shoot all the necessary people, Melvin, Julia, Miranda (Julia’s friend who’s also one of the leaders) and Alan (a lackey) enter this cage that would be the highest point on the hill. There’s that speaker tube thingy, which Melvin explains is spread out in a wide network throughout the entire hill as a (and this was way cool) a 3D alchemy circle. He then proceeds to stab Miranda and uses her blood to fuel the speaker while other lackey holds Julia back.

Dum-dum-dummmm…. He ain’t her bro. In fact, his name is Altas/Atlas/Altair (let’s stick with Atlas, and if that’s not his name we’ll pretend it is) and he was the soldier who stopped Julia from not looking when she left the valley to enter Creta. The alchemy map brand on his skin was actually skinned off her real brother when he broke into their house and killed their parents all those years ago. Alan is in fact Atlas’ lackey and has been discreetly taking care of Julia for him. Anyway Atlas stabs him as well since more blood is needed to fuel the alchemy circle, and then he proceeds to rip off Julia’s clothes since voila! She’s got one of those alchemy circles as well branded on her! He then skins off the map from his own skin that he skinned off her real bro and puts it on her alchemy circle which initiates the whole Philosopher stone/Star of Milos creation.

All over Table City where there’s all those rooms with pizza lines, soldiers fall as the pizza lines give way into abysses and they are used as ingredients for the stone/star. At the same time the rebels blowing up the town and Roy Mustang and his entourage have arrived to see the hill burning. Atlas gleefully runs off to get his stone that gets produced at some other part of the town using an Iceman kinda transportation technique, and Ed and Al who appear just in time to chase after him quickly by transmuting a metal path, taking Julia with them.

Somewhere along this timeline, Colonel Darth Vader asks his men to blow up the geothermal power plant, which then sends magma cascading everywhere. It’s about to destroy ghetto Milos, and I can’t remember when this happened but Ed told Al to go and help stop the magma. So then, Atlas is in this underground chamber and he’s looking at the Philosopher’s stone. Ed comes in and tries to stop him from taking it but he’s too late, then alchemy alchemy alchemy fighting scene. Somewhere somehow Julia arrives, Ed knocks the stone away from Atlas, Julia manages to catch it and swallows it despite Ed telling her not to. After pwning Atlas but not killing him, they leave the place since the magma was about to destroy them all.

So when Ed runs out with Julia who’s looking like the Phoenix, he runs into Roy’s entourage and says that he needs his help. Julia goes ahead to try and stop the magma as well, and Winry helps Ed to fix his automail, but she doesn’t have the right parts since she only thought she was going to maintain it. So off she goes into the valley with Ed using the fancy bat contraption and Roy follows afterward. They look for the automail grandpa who was so into Ed’s automail, and they manage to borrow some of his stuff despite the fact that everyone was running away from the magma.

Okay the sequence of events from now on are going to be so messed up but the bottom line was that all the magma and alchemy were really cool.

At the other end with Julia and Al trying to stop the magma, Atlas suddenly appears again and starts thwarting their efforts. Alchemy alchemy alchemy and, suddenly Colonel Darth Vader arrives with his wolves and announces that dum-dum-dumm…. I am your brotherr… Anyway he kills Atlas for killing his parents and skinning off his priceless face, revealing that he lived only by swallowing the Philosopher’s Stone that was hidden among his parents’ book. Colonel Darth Vader tells his little sister to come and stay with him in Creta – by using all this magma he’s just going to bury everything and take over the nation. She says no, he says what, they start having a sibling fight where he calls upon more magma, and Al protects her while she tries to stop the source of the magma, which was the broken geothermal plant. Somewhere somehow Ed and Roy appear.

Anyway, either of these 2 events could have happened first

1. Julia vs. Colonel Darth Vader, Harry Potter vs. Voldemort style where she K.O’s him OR

2. Ed, Al and Julia manage to stop the magma flow together with Roy as audience

Anyway, after those 2 events happen, Julia tries to revive her brother from the brink of death. Ed and Al try to stop her, but a strong woman is nothing in the face of a pair of well-trained brothers and the perfect Mustang audience. She loses a leg, her bro gets his face back, and they both cough out the Philosopher’s Stones that evaporate. The perfect audience cauterises her leg, and the valley is saved.

Somewhere in the timeline of my poor memory, the Black Bats’ comrade, the underground rats or whatever they were called, successfully manages to overtake Table City. Everyone’s at Table City is at a loss since their person in charge has gone AWOL, and the Milosians finally have recovered their holy hill!

Anyway ex-Darth Vader wakes up in the infirmary with his sister, fixes the ear ring he gave to her a long time ago and leaves. When she wakes, he isn’t there and neither is her leg, but the automail grandpa gives her one and she chases after Ed and Al to thank them. Ed gives her and Al some alone time, where we discover that she didn’t bring her brother back from the dead, but brought him  back from the edge of life with her leg as sacrifice along with the power of the Philosopher’s Stone. Elric brothers and Roy’s entourage goes on train, and THE END.

Mini Review

So overall I was quite happy with the movie, although I didn’t really like the blunt edged hair, the fact that no one made fun of Edward’s height and the absence of cats in Al’s armour. There’s also all the military characters that were thrown in for the heckuva it, e.g.  the 7 minute in total appearance of Winry, the 2 minute appearance of Armstrong, and the 15 minute appearance of Roy and Riza. I have to admit, I was looking forward to seeing Winry – but if you’re just going to chuck her in like an afterthought…

I did like the storyline, and the characters were likeable even if Melvin’s character design made me think he was going to be another Natsuhiko Taki (Eyeshield 21 – shame on you if you haven’t read this!). It doesn’t interfere with the main story either, which makes it better. For the moment I’ll be giving it a 4.0/5.0, although this rating might be a little pumped up because I just enjoyed watching it with other fans so much. I do admit that I’m looking over quite a low of flaws (i.e. Ed telling Julia not to swallow the stone since it would corrupt her, but where did he find that out from? The only other FMA character who did that was Kimblee, and he was all fine and dandy… we think) so maybe I’ll wait for a cool down period when I’ll be able to look at it more neutrally. Maybe I’ll wait for when I have time.

On another note, I have to say that I’m not surprised Mr. Real Brother had such a change of character from nice to nasty. I mean, if he could just spit out the Philosopher’s Stone like that, god must he be constipated if he didn’t shit it out of his system for all those years.

Also, it kinda seems like Al gets the girl most of the time. I mean, he got May and technically speaking he would have gotten Winry (if the fight when they were kids counted) and now he gets Julia… plus there’s this pattern where Al joins the general populace and just tends to be liked more while Ed hangs around with the military. Poor Ed XD

I’m really glad I managed to spit out this post despite being really busy! My next post is gonna be all the snapshots I took when I went to STGCC last weekend – the pictures are pretty crappy but they’re worth the look anyway (I say). It’ll be out sometime this week, so look out for that! =D

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