Introducing Weekend’s Ani-Manga Mail~

Following the Manga Weekend poll(which for some reason hasn’t closed automatically and I’m too lazy to close it), the clear percentage of you guys out there want ani-manga recommendations! Okay, the poll only said manga recs but anyway. So here I am, hoping to introduce a new line up of posts to serve that demand. What is Weekend’s Ani-Manga Mail? Well, sometimes our recommendation posts of manga and anime are not up your street, which is why we introduce Ani-Manga Mail! It’s where you (yes, you), want some manga or anime recommendations/advice; and we and hopefully some readers, try to help you find something to occupy these various gaps in your life. I’m hoping to make this a weekly feature or monthly feature, depending on the feedback we get. I’m not sure if Manga Weekend is up to this level yet but reader participation will be a key factor in making these posts a success so if you’re a visitor of Manga Weekend, I hope you can join in our little discussions once we have our first participant. 

So, we’re now looking forward to a first(guinea-pig) run to see if this works! How to participate? Send us an email with a couple of details:

Your preferred name(doesn’t have to be real). Where you’re from/or time zone? (optional)

Something about your personality?

What type of manga/anime are you looking for?

How would you like to feel from this manga/anime(oddly phrased question) E.g You want to be happy/sad/calm at the end.

What are genres of manga/anime that you like and perhaps name some titles?

Have you found any surprises/jewels throughout your manga/anime exploration?

What manga/anime do you not like and maybe a word or two on why it totally did not work?

What manga/anime are you following as of now?

Any other comments?

You can request for one-shot recommendations

This might all sound intimidating but I assure you Arawr and I won’t bite! You are definitely not selling your soul or kidney. Pop an email to mangaweekend(at) and either Arawr or myself will reply! I hope this line of posts will build up a Manga Weekend community. I sound as if I’m selling some product; watching The Apprentice has led to watching Dragon’s Den. Tsk tsk. Weekend’s Ani-Manga Mail posts will be published, as you’ve guessed it, 0n weekends.

I’ve also added a ‘Join Manga Weekend’ section on our about page so if you’re interested in writing for us, head over~

Cheers to the success & til’ next time folksters!


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6 responses to “Introducing Weekend’s Ani-Manga Mail~

  1. Wait, do we have to answer everything?

    • haha hey! were the questions too mind boggling? xDDD i’ve just edited a couple of them. hmm it’d be great if they were 🙂 to add more individuality and specification tho they overlap a bit with each other neways 🙂
      thanks for showing some interest!!! ❤

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  3. I already have so much to watch and read…. I MUST IGNORE THIS!!! *writing a draft of the email* …. I AM NOT SENDING IT!!!!! *thinking of continuing it later* …. I DID NOT JUST THINK THAT!!!!!

    Ugh, I’ll play the recommending part instead, to distract myself from doing the requestiong recommendations part, haha

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