Happy Birthday Manga Weekend!

Just as the post title says! Happy Birthday Manga Weekend! Strictly speaking it was yesterday since its already pass 12 am but it’s alright since the Americas is still on the 28th well…yeah. Anyway, we are now officially a year old! What initially was a dusty wardrobe for the first two months has now involved to be a pimped up room which we Manga Weekenders here love very much! Arawr and I are so very happy to have started this blog out even if Arawr was all “I don’t think we have time dude” on me about it at the beginning. Well, we still don’t have time, but we somehow we manage to keep the blog alive(barely)!

I really wanted to prepare a little something to commemorate the event but Arawr and I are still busy like a baws! In any case, THANK YOU to all who have stuck by us and welcome to our new visitors! With the current size and support we’re getting, we just might have our very own domain!

This is Chungky signing out.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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3 responses to “Happy Birthday Manga Weekend!

  1. Noir Schist

    Happy birthday, MW! I wish you another awesome year ahead~ Keep up the great work.
    (I think I’m rather late D: Sorry!)

  2. What? How dare the both of you be busy for your anniversary?!? You should be ashamed of yourselves! 😀

    But, it’s only one year. You all need to keep going for more years…I think!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Please go on for mooore years and continue helping me with my search for the perfect one-shot!

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