Autumn Anime Rants!

Well first I just want to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to all our readers who’ve been following us, especially those who’ve been doing so since we started. It’s already been one year, and when we started this project I was being a real pessimist about it and honestly didn’t think I would be writing this much but voila! Just look at the stuff life throws at you. It’s been a hectic year with Chungky; we’ve laughed, gossiped and squabbled over the most minor things over MW, and despite all my ‘Dude, are you sure you wanna do this?’ and ‘Dude, I don’t know if it’ll work…’ comments, I’m glad Chungky bulldozed all those comments down and brought together what we all now know as Manga Weekend… so let’s all have some cake! =D

Un cafe, per favore

Un cafe, per favore by 四々九

So ever since uni started, I’ve hardly had a break. Five weeks since the start of term and I finally get one weekend to myself. Life is currently even busier than when I had my internship over the summer SOBBBBB T-T I meant to post this up aaaaaages ago but life wouldn’t let me.

Nowww on with our Autumn anime. I must say, I was really hyped up for this season. However – I don’t know if it’s because of the anime or because of real-life constraints – I’m not really feeling it. I’ve got a few that I’m into, some that I think are okay and most that I’m just gonna chuck aside because I don’t have the time to give them a 3-episode trial run to see if they get better. I’ll only be ranting about those I’ve watched, which covers most of this season but most definitely not all. Usually I’d add in a summary, but I didn’t have time for that… =(

So let’s start with the ones I’m following for now! =D

Following Up From Last Season…

Mawaru Penguindrum

Yes. I’ve been pretty much hooked since the first episode, and 16 episodes later I still am.


I started watching The iDOLM@STER out of boredom, found it slightly interesting and grew to like it. The main appeal for me is all the girls and their different characters being equally represented, rather than having two or three main ones and everyone else just being part of a harem. Development is slow, but I do like finding out more about each girl with every episode so for me, it’s still on this season’s to-watch list =)

Following this Season


Chihayafuru was the anime that got me most hyped up for this season, and it does not disappoint. I started as a fan of the manga, and I’m glad to see the anime adaptation out. The genres of sport and slice-of-life have always been a handy combo to me, but the way in which it’s presented in Chihayafuru makes it really – well – beautiful? Sweet? Nostalgic…?  The flow of the storyline wasn’t exactly unsurprising when mixing it with the sort of coming-of-age story, but the characters and passion that I always love in sports manga is there; except that this time there’s this dose of something special that would leave you coming back for more.

Definitely something you should be watching this autumn! =D

Working Season 2 and Shinryaku Ika Musume Season 2

I need something to make me laugh this season, and these two are my main remedies. You don’t necessarily have to watch the previous season in order to understand them, but why not watch them if you need a major dose of hilarity? Definitely something to watch and keep on following XD


I thought the show was quite good when it started. Then School Food Punishment blasted itself into my face and I loved it even without knowing what the hell it was all about (yes, I am a fan lol). Anyway, SFP aside, Un-Go has that true mystery element that’s been missing out in previous seasons, e.g. Gosick and KamiMemo were really pretty obvious and predictable. I’m not saying that Un-Go completely leaves me in the dark until the culprit is revealed, but it’s got more secrecy that I’ve been missing out on the mystery genre lately.

By the by, if any of you are hungering for some good mystery, Detective Conanis my best manga recommendation. It’s only got about 700+ chapters, so if you waste your week away you should be able to catch up… and yes, it is worth it =D

Mirai Nikki

Well I am a fan of the manga, and that’s what’s making me follow it. There’s a hint of that insanity, conspiracy and un-mainstream shounen that makes it really worth your time. Mirai Nikki follows a rather generic shounen plotline, but it’s being tackled in a really freakishly blow your mind away awesomely. This rant’s a bit biased since I’ve read the manga much further than the handful of episodes so far, but YES. Watch Mirai Nikki!

 Persona 4 the Animation

Okay, so I do like Persona, but I do have one gigantic issue with it – it doesn’t feel like an anime. In fact, most of the time I feel like I’m playing a game that’s on auto-play. I know that it’s adapted from a game and all, and I am into the storyline and everything, but the flow of events and dialogue is just so game-like. So while I do find that it’s really interesting in terms of storyline, I think it’s on the borderline when it comes to the anime adaptation score.

Will Follow For Now

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle

I actually like this, but I don’t have much time to follow it this season. The concept and everything is pretty fun, but I feel like it’s kinda on the kiddish side – there’s nothing wrong with it, but if I don’t find it interesting enough over the next few episodes, I’ll probably just save it for a later date… But so far it’s been about 4 episodes or so and I still haven’t gone past the first one SOB!! (Give me more timeeee..!!)

Guilty Crown

Hmm…. I’m actually pretty disappointed with this. I had really high hopes for it, but I don’t know if it was my mood when I was watching it but I really wasn’t feeling it. The music is awesome and everything , but the way everything was set out was really quite generic. When I saw her outfit, and when he pulled out the sword from her, all I could think of was ‘Man, the things that really start becoming acceptable in anime…’. The animation is, of course, top notch and everything but the story leaves pretty much to be desired  – and I don’t have time for things that have stuff to be desired at the moment. I think I really would have preferred it if the protagonist was someone else completely different.

And man, the protagonist really reminds me of Sena from Eyeshield 21 – except that Sena was a lot more likeable. Maybe Gai reminds me of Hiruma as well… but every time I see Gai I think of Lelouch and then he becomes un-trustable =_=

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

This is really quite funny, but the whole harem thing is kinda putting me off. If the comedy is good enough, it won’t annoy me too much. I suppose the biggest issue right now is really the time I’ll be able to spare – if I don’t follow it this season, I’ll probably watch it later anyway. It really did make me laugh XD

Maji De Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!!

Hahaha okay so this was one of those shows I was convinced I wouldn’t like, watched the first episode, and decide it might be worth the shot. The characters are all likeable, which is a huge plus -especially in a harem show with a setting that’s been used about 30 times. Usually the characters would tend to take generic character roles – but they’ve got their own unique personality as well instead of just possessing a character. The whole intra-high school battle isn’t something new, and I really find it more unethical and unbelievable than anything else which is a huge minus – if I do end up dropping it completely, this’ll probably be the main reason.

Will Watch at Later Date


Right now, with me being short on time and all, I think I’d rather wait before I watch this. Maybe after I watch Fate Stay Night, which is somewhere at home, almost 7000 miles away. So yeah.

Tamayura ~Hitotose~

I do like slice-of-life – I really do. But I felt like there was too much of nothing going on, and I don’t have the time to watch a slow-paced anime because the thought ‘wtfwhenisthisgonnafinishIstillhavestufftodoIpromisedtofinishitbytomorrowwhythehellwon’t youfinishalready?!!!?’ keeps going through my mind so I can’t savour the story. If there is one. I wasn’t really able to tell since I was thinking of other things.

Kimi to Boku (Maybe)

Well I read some of the manga, thought it was interesting – but in the end dropped it. I watched the first episode, still thought it was acceptably interesting, but if my manga pattern is anything to follow by I’ll probably end up dropping it halfway anyway. It seems to be more for the everything-but-explicitly-announced shounen-ai fans anyway as it seems to cater more towards their taste – except that this time it’s in a slice of life genre. Which is pretty new.

Bakuman 2 (Maybe)

I watched the first season of Bakuman sporadically, so I’ll probably end up doing the same thing again anyway. I follow the manga, but I’ve always thought that it’s too wordy to be an anime. Bakuman is very insightful – it’s almost like a textbook to manga and anime. But it’s like how you would read your science textbook, then ignore the CD that’s attached to the textbook since it’s too much of a hassle or something. Or maybe that’s just me.

Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam (Extremely Maybe)

This is hovering between dropped and saving for later date. Characters are generic, the roles they play are generic, storyline looks like something I’ve watched before… my basic problem is with the characters, since they’ve all been used in a different kind of anime but in the exact same way so I don’t really see why I should waste my time. But the animation is good, and the OP video did look slightly promising… so maybe. Just maybe I might save this for a later time.


Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

I watched 3 minutes and knew I wasn’t gonna like it. I continued to waste 19 minutes of my life anyway since I really didn’t want to start reading my journal articles. Some repetitive nonsense I’ve watched about 20 times over in different anime/manga, only difference is that I feel like slapping the protagonist instead of punching him. I suppose there is that new factor of having a protagonist who doesn’t start of as a complete loser (and in facts looks like he jumped out of Flamboyant Rainbow Land), but the way he’s being kinda revered is the same as any other shounen/harem/high school/ecchi protagonist. Plus I couldn’t stand the giant boobs being shoved into my face every 5 seconds (man was that annoying) and I found it so sad that while the female characters were mostly – if not all – humanoid(ish), the same can’t be said about their male counterparts.


It wasn’t that bad to be honest, and if I weren’t so short on time I would actually give this a 3-episode trial. Ben-to introduces a nice, new concept; it utilises the high school genre and just inflates the whole low-student-income comedy routine. I’ve seen it enough times to know that there will be laughs, and that I won’t be able to fully appreciate it. Hence, in the dropped box you go Ben-to.

Chibi Devil

I don’t have 5 minutes to spare for the shoujo version of Beelzebub, sorry. And girl, grow a backbone for the sake of all that is sane.


Another one of those shows I’ve seen about 50 times over and never liked. This just didn’t strike my fancy at all. There’s nothing interesting about it, I don’t see any sense it in, chibi tsunderes in general annoy me (there are some very few exceptions), and even if I did have time I wouldn’t bother with this again.

Didn’t Bother Watching

Mashiro-Iro Symphony


Shakugan no Shana III

Gundam Age (Well I did try, but after watching for 2 minutes, life called and I never bothered watching it again)

Aaaaand whatever else anime that isn’t on my rant list

Last week had been busy (as usual) which included a very clichéd movie moment for me when I spilled tea on my laptop my assignment which was due in about 17 hours (I’d only done about 2 paragraphs). For those who do care, I did manage to salvage all my word docs before shutting down Adzu (my laptop!) and completing my assignment on my housemate’s laptop. Went a bit crazy for the rest of the day (e.g. bouncing and laughing and shuffling) since I hadn’t slept for about 37 hours and was hyped up on tea and chocolate. Found some good advice on how to keep her alive on some random forums as well, such as;

And yes, Adzu is fine now =D

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