JustSharing: Oborocharms!

Macaroni and Cheese! It tortures me how I don’t have the time to update M.W as rarely as I use to. But sadness a-side, I’ll post a little something! So, I just want to share with you guys what I bought for Halloween this year to get into the spirit(even if I really was just with my friend surveying the university for filming locations and sitting in the library writing notes on Halloween day). I bought 3 necklaces by Oborocharms! They’re so adorable and cute and I discovered them via Twitter! The shipping fee was very reasonable at a flat rate of USD $2 anywhere in the world so it didn’t take me long to decide. Helps when you’re across the Atlantic Ocean. It just took a little more/or 2 weeks and they were here!

Here are a few single snaps! Are they cute or what??

Mr. Owl. Hoot. Hoot.

Oh, hello there, Mr Bat-bat. Haven’t taken this for a spin yet.

It’s Mizz. Ghost. Currently my go to necklace. I’ve been wearing the little ghost one for days now!

I love how they just kick up a simple outfit or just make your look so unique. Definitely loving it. Oborocharms started out in DeviantArt by Kim Rountree which is inspired by Japanese Kawaii Culture(ripped this off from the site) Hurrah for artists! There are rings, earrings, phone straps and other types of accessories so definitely have a look at the site and maybe you’ll find something you like! You can purchase using Paypal which was really convenient!

And here, I just thought of another ongoing post! Do you have stuff you want to share? Email us at mangaweekend(at)gmail.com !!! Hurrah!

Well, I hope to see you guys very soon! I hope to get through my Lala magazine posts! Have a great week ahead!

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