Kimi ni Mune Kyun! (plus a mini Winter Anime update!)

There’s just something about the exam season where I always end up re-reading Eyeshield 21. Just finished reading my #1 favourite match this morning – Deimon vs. Shinryuuji!! The last 58 seconds of the match…!! @_@

This is not good for studying.

But that’s not why I’m posting today. I am a massive fan of School Food Punishment – if it does/not sound familiar, they’re the geniuses responsible for ‘Futuristic Imagination’ and ‘light prayer’ for Higashi no Eden. Last season, they sang ‘How to Go’ for Un-Go (I KNEW it was them the moment the song started!! XD) and before that, RPG for [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control.

If you haven’t listened to them, do so. Like. NOW.

In any case, a song that I’ve been addicted to lately from their How to Go single is Kimi ni, Mune Kyun -Uwaki no Vacanses-. It’s a really, really cute song with their own blend of the electrical techno thingy they do with a keyboard/guitar/synthesiser/whatever (you may notice I know zilch about music from my description) along with the calming, sweet vocals of Ichimura Yumi .

So since I’ve been a bit obsessive about it lately and don’t really wanna read up on how cute kids turn into teenage brats just yet, I went ahead and googled it after reading Taiyou Sphinx getting pwned by the Hakushu Dinosaurs. I’ve looked up the lyrics for the song, and there’s this Italian paragraph that wasn’t in the SFP version so I assumed there were others. The first result that cropped up on google was by this 70’s boyband, and I nearly died of laughter.

Not that it was bad, but it’s just that. Their dance. The song is still awesome and cute, but it’s such a typical 80/90’s dance… and with those tucked in round necked shirts and belts…. HAAAAHAHAHAHA XD Due to all the youtube links and such, found out that there was also a remixed/redone/rewhatever version for the ED of Maria Holic (I’ve never watched the anime, but I can tell you the manga’s hilariously awesome XD)

Since I’m on a bit of a roll, and I recently found a blog where I could access all their lyrics and translations to further distract me from studies, I’ll just rant about their two latest albums a little. I absolutely love amp-reflection line and Percentage (パーセンテージ) are my absolute favourites. Some might find line a bit annoying at the beginning but it really grow on you. Grows and grows to the point it’s one of the best songs I’ve listened to.

As for Percentage, I think it’s really a song everyone should listen to. Out of all the songs I’ll be putting out here, if you’re only gonna listen to one please make it Percentage. If you look up the lyrics it’s a really, really sad song. There’s something really bitterly bittersweet about this whole song that you’ll feel even if you don’t fully understand what it’s about.

Of course, there are the songs from Higashi no Eden; the two songs that made them my favourite band of all time.

Recently, they’ve come our with their album Prog-Roid. I have to say I still prefer amp-reflection and it took my awhile to find favourites among Prog-Roid. Their songs weren’t as. I dunno. Bandy or poppy, it was more jazzy/R&B?

Yes I know shit about music I can’t even play a recorder I’m sorry.

But anyway, I still found another two favourites (that I couldn’t find on youtube); Are and ≠. Give them a go if you get the chance! =D

No. Wait. Don’t wait for a chance. Listen to all their songs now or regret it for the rest of your life for not listening to awesomeness.

Mini Winter Anime update!

If you’re into shounen aimed at 13-year-old brats, go ahead and watch Brave 10 and Senki Zesshou Symphogear. If you aren’t, stop before you shoot yourself in the head. The former is a historical boy meets girl with also has ninja called Sasuke who for some reason has this ridiculously annoying and hilarious seiyuu. If you’re also into everything but explicitly announced yaoi, this is for you. The latter is some sort of shounen mahou shoujo show that just doesn’t make sense for me. However, if you’re also into everything but explicitly announced yuri, this is for you.

Natsume Yuujinchou Shi is really just continuing from where it left off last season without a by-your-leave; there’s hardly a ‘Hi this is what it’s about!’ so if you haven’t watched the previous 3 seasons, you really should. In any case I don’t see why you wouldn’t watch it since it’s so awesome.

As for Nisemonogatari, it’s not a prerequisite like Natsume Yuujinchou but you really should watch Bakemonogatari in advance. The whole anime doesn’t really revolve around the story as much as it does the characters – in fact, the storyline is practically just to fill up the backgroud space at times. But it’s nice to know what’s going on. And Bakemonogatari isn’t just an anime – it’s a piece of art waiting to be watched. So y u no watch?

I’ve still got a bunch of winter anime to watch after my exams, will update all of you sometime late January!

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One response to “Kimi ni Mune Kyun! (plus a mini Winter Anime update!)

  1. yu

    Not sure if you’re interested, considering this post is now over 4 years old, but please let me share a small erratum: the original performers of ‘Kimi ni mune kyun’ aren’t some ’70ties boysband. In fact they are a very well-accomplished, and once immensly popular electronic music pioneers: Yellow Magic Orchestra. Certainly from today’s perspective their music may sound quite tacky, but at the time it was released, it was a very fresh blend of electronic and pop, which gave inspiration to the forefathers of countless modern Japanese artists, possibly including Schoold Food Punshiment themselves :). YMO have been the most popular Japanese group at some point, and even had a few international hits. The best known abroad member, Ryuichi Sakamoto, has since composed great film music for movies such as ‘The Last Emperor’ or ‘Little Buddha’. Needless to say, they composed, arranged and produced the music themselves. What they did not do on a daily basis though, busy actually playing the instruments, was dancing – and that may be the reason why the video made you laugh. So I think even if the band happens to consist of 3 men, calling them a boysband would be a little… well, maybe not offensive (there’s nothing wrong with being in a boysband after all) but… counter-informative. If you’re still reading this, please kindly overlook the funny dance and give their music a chance – if not for what it is itself, then as a venture to Japanese pop history. (-.^)

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