Music: Blue Rain & Do You Remember by Moumoon

眠気が飛ぶほど楽しませてよ by いもたろう@プロフ on

So, look who’s back and dishing out a post. I had actually prepared this post earlier in March, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to go ninja and poof off once again. I’ll take this opportunity to thank you all for the lovely welcome back on Twitter when I did come out from the depths of my hiding. In this post, I’m going to share about music! A kind of a first proper post regarding the subject, but anyway.

So when it comes to music, I’m usually quite open to all genres but I’m pretty hard to please so I usually end up to just one song from each category and beat them to death. I stumbled upon Moumoon a few years ago when I received a small bottle of Anessa sunscreen.

This was the advert that placed Moumoon on the map.

I got curious since it was from Japan and such and I watched the brand’s advert which is really quite lovely! It featured a song by Moumoon called Sunshine Girl and was just so sunny(lack of vocab right here) and bubbly that I had it on repeat for about a week. After that, I forgot all about Moumoon until a few weeks ago when I clicked on a related video on Youtube, “Blue Rain” by Moumoon. Love at first play right there. It’s a beautiful combination of instruments which have this continuous glow-y effect late at night as the picture in the video depicts. All refined and soft, not harsh and bright, like old photos slowly fading yet they’ll invoke a chain of memories no matter what. I especially love the guitar, the simplicity makes it the core along with the siren-like vocals of a lover waiting for a life-changing moment.

The picture of the group is so beautiful…

All the people that know me personally know that I have a ‘sad’ taste in music(at least I think I do), not sad as in disgusting but like, sad sounding tunes. I enjoy listening to sad tunes because they stir my emotions the most. If you listen to Blue Rain, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I also love their group name, Moumoon, which means soft moon. It conjures thoughts of sentimentality, vulnerability but its still so romantic. Blue Rain is by far my most favourite song off their album 15 Doors, the whole album is decent with a mixture of more cheerful songs too but I think their strength lies in those that are able to accompany a snowy day in your heart.

The feelings that Blue Rain invokes in me is similar with Do You Remember but in a more hopeful and slightly pleading manner. They both carry with bit of heart clenching quality to them. As the words ‘Do You Remember’ is being cried out and accompanied by the music, it just lashes feelings out at me as if my heart was embodying it. The words ‘remember’ is such a painful word but is too a privilege to have. I have this paranoia that I’m always cursing myself whenever I listen to sad songs, as if I’m pacing myself into the direction of sadness. But yet they sound so good. This song is also kind of representing how I’m feeling right now…

And so ends my rant on this chapter of Moumoon, I’ll be placing them on my radar to hunt down anymore beautiful melodies they create. I hope anyone of you guys would enjoy their music as much as I do. Thanks for reading and let’s move on to the next post no matter when that may be! It’s time to enforce Manga Weekend authority once again hurhur.

Promotion photo for their single Blue Moon and Ambivalent Love / 青い月とアンビバレンスな愛 (Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai). This is a gorgeous song too.


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