Proposal: Manga Olympics for Bloggers(MOB) – A Manga Blogging Olympics


These past few months, as a manga & anime blogger, I’ve been reading news/opinions from various platforms about the death of manga.

Do I mean the industry? Yes.

What about manga blogging? Yes.

Wait, did you say yes to both questions, yes? Yes.

I was going to feed you guys with links and statistics showing how manga circulation has fallen and other things like that but let me get to the point(or at least closer).

The demand for manga blogs has never been close to the popularity of anime blogs. In fact, they get lost and diluted in the whole subject area so here is an idea to push forward manga as a medium.

So, as an effort to promote manga and manga blogging in general here is my pitch with flexible points:

My idea was inspired by(you guessed it) the Olympics and I will now refer to the Manga Olympics as MOB (Manga Olympics for Bloggers) because it has a nice ring to it.

1) The most Olympic inspired part of the event of all. A specific blog will be the host of MOB. This means that all voting processes in categories and such will be done on the blog that is hosting the MOB. Of course, this means the blog who wished to be considered as a host must be able to uphold the responsibility. Being the host of MOB is the coveted prize since if this event is responded well by the community, it means that the next host will get a boost in visitors, just like the real Olympics. A manga blog who has hosted can’t be elected as the next host for the following run.


2) Instead of a one versus one tournament style voting system, there will be active blogging events, more specifically, a post writing event where there will be categories. See this as a collection of singular post events. For example:

Sport Olympics – 100m Sprint | MOB equivalent – A post about a specific manga.

Sport Olympics – 50m Front Crawl Swimming | MOB equivalent – A post about Shoujo/Shounen manga

And so on. I think the categories should be stuff like “best new blog, best shounen manga blog, best shoujo manga blog” and etc. This will allow more winners in several categories through voting for a particular post. Promoting a larger number of blogs in a process instead of simply having one winner. Participating blogs can sign up for as many of the available categories as they want. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded depending on the number of participating blogs per category.

3) Winners of categories will be gifted an icon/small banner of what they have achieved. The host blog should be the provider of these and the aspiring host blog must demonstrate that they can provide a banner of some sort when they’re running for the next MOB. It’s the Olympic medal equivalent. These banners can be available for participating blogs to put on their blogs to show-off.

4) The last event of MOB will be for aspiring blogs who wish to host the next MOB. The aspiring blogs should try to convince voters why they should host the next MOB. They should have stuff like, a banner or some image to represent the event and etc to try to get people to vote for them. Basically, like a presidential election.

5) There will be an opening and closing ceremony.

Opening Ceremony – How this will work is that manga blogs who are participating need to submit a short paragraph about their blog and what they hope to achieve.

Closing Ceremony – Blogs that have participated should submit a paragraph about their experience and any last words.

These submissions will be sent to the hosting blog to compile into a respective single post(a opening and a closing) and will be published on the host’s blog.

6) The hosting blog is not required to take part/not allowed to take part. This point I can’t pick between the two. I think that the hosting blog will already have a lot of hosting responsibilities so I suppose unless they’re superhuman, I guess they can participate in the post writing categories too.

7) For a blog to participate, they must have least 5-10 posts on manga to participate, but voting results should not be based on these posts but the actual posting events themselves. This means that anime blogs with a manga section can also participate.

8) There will be part of the rules and regulation of MOB and participants must uphold these rules or risk being dropped. I’ll cover it in more detail below.

Rules and Regulations:

I haven’t put all my ideas about this yet but I’ll address one of the most important points below.

The biggest issue is probably the legal issue of manga. Now how will the event deal with this. This is going to be a fan-run event, but this does not mean we can all run rampant and promote scanlated manga explicitly when the blogging events take place. So, as long as you are not explicitly saying, “I read this off so and so manga aggregation site.’ Just keep it at a discretion. I think we have to face this rule as the entire scanlation community makes up the majority of the market/readers. This community should not be shunned or alienated but try to keep things clean. It’s not as if anime bloggers are clean themselves.

These scanlation related and other rules should be upheld but also remember that we are fans and that we are not law-enforcers if you know what I mean. I also know that this point is going to cause the most problems, it will be the job of the host blog to deal with it.

Important things to consider:

The first round will require a lot of community support.

A lot of trust and responsibility will be required to run this event since it requires the community. Stuff such as fraud voting probably will occur, but of course efforts will be put into limiting the effects.

I think basing this event on the Olympics will be a lot more eventful and entertaining rather than just a bunch of people voting for which blog is better. Established blogs seem to hog all the limelight. It may also allow the creation of a more solid/diversified manga community.

This whole idea seems to work for the anime community too, although I’m not sure, maybe they even tried it already.

Finally, I hope to curate the first MOB(if there is enough participants and as a test)according to the guidelines and see how it’ll turn out.

Please leave your opinions/suggestions/ideas in the comments!

P.S after reading my post over everything seems far too ideal…


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