Manga Olympics for Bloggers Deadline Extension~


Hello everyone, as the post title states, we are extending the deadline extension for the event to the 7th of June. I repeat, the 7th of June. We sincerely apologise for this, especially to everyone who has promptly sent in their applications before the original deadline, even when we knew there would be a high possibility of extension.

Say what

Say what

One of the reasons for this extension is because some bloggers have expressed their interests, but are unable to make it for the previous dates. Another is because there are others who have mentioned signing up for MOB, but have yet to send in formal applications. We hope that by extending the deadline, we will be able to get more bloggers in to make this an even bigger event!

However, we assure you that this will be the one and only extension, and we will be starting the event regardless on the 10th of June. 

Please refer to the original event post here.

There is also an ongoing discussion about merging the four competitive categories into two big categories – combining shoujo/josei and shounen/seinen. We know this is blasphemous and absolutely unfair to merge but currently, applications are going mainly towards shoujo/shounen/seinen, leaving josei a very lonely category. Although there are ideas of splitting it into two groups, we still hope that this will not cause a significantly negative impact on MOB. If you have any suggestions on this, e.g. splitting to seinen/shounen/josei and shoujo instead or something, do let us know. We need all the input we can get to make MOB a memorable and fun experience!

in a box

This post in a box

New application date: 7th June

New starting date: 10th June

Changes TBD: The merging of the seinen and shounen categories, as well as the josei and shoujo categories. (Therefore there will be only 2 main categories for MOB)

we would never say thisWe really hope to reach out to bloggers who have already submitted their applications about this. To those who have submitted their applications and wish to withdraw from the event because of the new dates, we absolutely understand! We sincerely apologise and will respond to any questions/queries/complaints anyone might have.

Also, as we mentioned before, there are a high number of potential participants that have yet to send in their applications, so if you guys are still interested, we’ll be very happy to have you! We also ask of you guys to promote the event as much as you can because frankly, the more the merrier even though we might bash each others heads in the process! =D




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5 responses to “Manga Olympics for Bloggers Deadline Extension~

  1. striffy

    Why not just merge shoujo and josei, and leave seinen and shounen separate? That would leave three groups, and with the low number of josei entries I doubt it would affect the shoujo bloggers too much, and hopefully the josei group won’t mind the new competition.
    Anyway, I for one am cool with any way you merge it, and probably so is ArtemisdsII.

    • Hey Striffy, thanks for your input! We’ll definitely take that suggestion into consideration and this was definitely a heads up if we were going to merge both categories. We’ll maintain a look-look-see-see stance until everyone has sent in their apps altogether then maybe the solo Josei category would live after all. But definitely, thank you for the feedback!!!

  2. torisunanohokori

    I’m fine with the shonen/seinen merge, though it may tilt the category towards one demographic over the other, which isn’t exactly desirable. I actually wanted to do josei but didn’t want to do 3 categories at once, so I’m fine with the shojo/josei category merge, so long as the topic is legitimately workable for both.

    • Hey tori! Thanks for your comment! Yes, you’re right :/ the tilting of the categories does risk one category. And ditto about the topics, we’ll definitely make the topics workable. Thanks for your input once again, I think we definitely have a better idea of a back-up plan after this!

  3. torisunanohokori

    Reblogged this on Animetics and commented:
    If you blog manga, a fun community event (Manga Olympics for Bloggers) just had its deadline extended. By all means check it out. And yes, we will be competing with our meager experience (Sam’s in seinen and I’m in both shonen and shojo).

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