Manga Olympics for Bloggers Poll: Round 1/Part 1


ROUND 1/PART 1 POLLS ARE NOW UP. In this post, you’ll find two polls for the Shounen/Seinen category and the Shoujo/Josei category. How exciting! There are amazing posts here, with participants really putting a lot of effort and I only say this after having read them all! I apologise for the delay for the polls to be put up, I found out later that not everyone participating received my event info email so I had to push it back a bit. Thank you so much for all your co-operation!

Do check out your peers and remember that leaving comments will also make you eligible for the comment award! You can vote for yourselves, there’s no shame in this, but do vote responsibly!

If you’re on twitter, do follow the hash-tag – #MangaMOB for any coverage and updates! If you see any errors in this post or if you’d like anything changed(such as your post preview), please contact me ASAP!

The order of this post is according to post submission dates! If you need to refer to the original event post, please click here.

Manga Weekend’s own blog posting will be suspended until the event ends.

Shoujo/Josei Round 1/Part 1

Blog: Words of Confession

Blogger: Sarah Jane

Blog post: MOB – Round 1 Entry 1

Post preview:

Hmm, honestly speaking, my history of reading shoujo manga isn’t very long so I don’t know much about how shoujo mangas were in the past. However, I have read what I would consider an ‘old’ shoujo manga before and it comes in the form of the very famous manga that has been adapted into several live-action dramas loved by thousands of girls known as Hana Yori Dango. | Click Here To Read the Rest of the Post.

Blog: THAT Shoujo Manga Blog

Blogger: Konata_01

Blog post: MAN UP! The role of shoujo in depicting men, masculinity and relationships

Post preview: You can debate the credibility of a hetrosexual female’s discussion of masculinity, but I’m going to do my best regardless. Before we begin, I will state that I do think that gender, masculinity and femininity are purely societal constructs. There was one story of a father wearing a skirt so that his son wouldn’t get teased, and I thought it was touching and a very “masculine” thing to do. | Click Here To Read the Rest of the Post.

Blog: Sunny Side Up Manga + Anime Blog

Blogger: Niki

Blog post: “It’s easier to collect than to read manga” – Managing the Manga TBR

Post preview:

I know I’m not the only one who feels the crunch of too many manga, too little time, so I thought I’d share my tips for tackling the TBR tower before it keels over and hurts someone.

Which it still does on a regular basis, not because I tackled it, but because I take home between three to 10 titles every time I leave a bookstore (even when it’s only a Browsing here! expedition). My point here, however, is to lower the topple and Ouch! incidence. | Click Here To Read the Rest of the Post.

Blog: Pearl’s Inspiration

Blogger: Pearlsins

Blog post: Too early for the heart’s confessions?

Post preview:

“In the past, Shoujo manga trends towards a confession in a romance setting, however, these past few years have seen a change in direction, with confession scenes occurring faster and secondary plotlines pushed further.” How far would you agree with this statement?

I don’t think there has been a noticeable change in the “confession in a romance setting” aspect of Shoujo manga. Was there ever one? ‘A confession in a romance setting,’ I mean. I’ll be honest and say my manga list is less than 50. So I shouldn’t have a problem with remembering some of the best love confessions, right? Upon thinking about it, I don’t think a lot of shoujo manga trends towards a confession in a romance setting. | Click Here To Read the Rest of the Post.

Blog: Animetics

Blogger: torisunanohokori

Blog post: Romance as it pertains to Shoujo Manga

Post preview:

Maybe it’s because I have fewer female anime/manga fan friends than male ones, but there’s no demographic of manga I see misconstrued more often than shojo. The idea that it’s synonymous with sparkly, tween-appeal school-life romance seems to show up at least once a week in conversations I have. Fortunately, there’s one very easy way to dispel this misconception; look at some of the shojo manga that actually exist.

So, if I asked most people to describe what the word “shojo” meant to them, I’d probably get one of two answers: 1) A sparkly artstyle which makes the guys look super-bishonen, or 2) Stories like this: | Click Here To Read the Rest of the Post.


Shoujo/Josei Round 1/Part 1 POLL

Shounen/Seinen Round 1/Part 1

Blog: Animetics

Blogger: torisunanohokori

Blog post: Shonen Manga and Redefining Manliness

Post preview: Shonen manga, as literally defined, are manga marketed towards young boys. There are several implications of this definition, but I’m going to zero in on one in particular for the moment. Because shonen manga is popular with and being marketed towards younger boys, it must to some degree adhere to their notions of manliness, but still holds a unique opportunity to redefine what they see as cool, manly traits to aspire to. Let’s dive right in and take a look at some of the many shonen manga that subtly teach kids life lessons. | Click Here To Read the Rest of the Post.

Blog: Sunny Side Up Manga + Anime Blog

Blogger: Baka-Girl

Blog post: Loads and Loads of Characters in Shounen Manga

Post preview:

It’s quite common in shounen manga to have soooo many characters in one series. Naruto, ES21, Gintama, Bleach and Fairy Tail are just a few that suddenly pops in my head. In fact, it’s hard to list long running shounen manga that doesn’t have loads and loads of characters (LnLoC). I do aware that they exist thou, just not the majority. | Click Here To Read the Rest of the Post.

Blog: Zero-Sama

Blogger: Zero-Sama

Blog post: Naruto Chapter 634 Review: Let’s Burn It!! Sasuke’s Ulterior Motive?!!

Post preview: Zero-Sama is the only video blogger in MOB!

Click Here to listen/watch Zero-sama’s video blog post!

Blog: Animetics

Blogger: Samuel2323

Blog post: Shonen Manga Up and Comers

Post preview:

Manga in Japan can be hard to break into, and most manga take time to become big sellers. That is why it is always amazing when the first volumes of series do so well so quickly. In the past year, there have been many big starts with the biggest being:

Assassination Classroom – Over one million copies of the first volume in print in less than one year

Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui, the creator of Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro, is the story of what happens when aliens invade – or, in this case, THE alien. Koro is an alien that can move at speeds of mach 20, is incredibly powerful, and destroys most of the moon during first contact. He says that he will destroy the earth in one year, but during that year he wants to teach a middle school class, so the kids of Kunugigaoka Middle School’s class 3-E become his pupils, and Koro-sensei teaches them the 4 Rs- Reading, Writing, ‘Rithmetic, and ‘Radication, for he is also teaching them how to kill him. But how easy is it to kill a genocidal alien when he is also the best teacher you have ever had? | Click Here To Read the Rest of the Post.

Blog: Sayuricero

Blogger: Serenity

Blog post: Seinen manga

Post preview:

There are 4 major genres is manga: Shounen, Seinen, Shoujo, and Josei. Here is a little explanation about those 4 genres (incase you don’t know what they mean). Shounen manga is intended for teenagers, teenage boys specifically for example Naruto, One Piece. Seinen manga is intended for young adults, or young men for example Gantz, Berserk. Shoujo manga is intended for teenage girls for example Fruit Basket, Skip Beat!. Lastly, Josei is intended for women, or young women for example Honey and Clover, Paradis Kiss. Each of these genres have sub genres under them. | Click Here To Read the Rest of the Post.

Blog: AMG Portal

Blogger: Garfield

Blog post: The Violence in Peepo Choo

Post preview:

Felipe smith is in a unique position to comment on Japanese an American culture. Peepo choo is his first work published since leaving for Japan. It tackles common assumption that Japanese’s and American people. The cultures portrayal of violence differs vastly. What is acceptable in America is taboo in Japan. But as the world becomes smaller due to the Internet, the cultural norms of Japan start to change. The message of violence that is trying to relay Peepo Choo revolves around two characters. Rockstar, who is a yakuza member that uses violence to conduct business, and Fate a hit man that is hunting him. | Click Here To Read the Rest of the Post.

Blog: AMG Portal

Blogger: Brandon

Blog post: Let The Games Begin! Why There Are So Many Tournaments in Shounen Manga

Post preview:

There are two things in shounen manga that I can always expect. The first thing is a time skip and the second thing is a freaking tournament! I swear every series I run into there is a tournament and it places everyone together in a huge brawl in a surprisingly regulated series of battles, but the question is though why do we keep seeing tournaments in shounen manga? Through hard work, insight, and a great deal of research (also known as reading lots of manga) I have come up with several reasons as to why we get so much tournament stuff in manga. | Click Here To Read the Rest of the Post.


Shounen/Seinen Round 1/Part 1 POLL


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