Be part of Manga Olympics for Bloggers (MOB-Supplement)! – Manga Blogging Challenge!


(MOB – Stands for Manga Olympics for Bloggers)


The second week of the event has officially started! I am aware that both rounds were delayed, so the duration of the event will be pushed further accordingly to make up lost time. So, you’ve seen MOB’s official participating blogs coming up(if you haven’t I highly recommend you do) with a lot of great posts, and it is no easy-task. MOB’s participants had to complete posts within a time-frame as well as gather a lot of determination and dedication to blog, especially when you’re in a ‘kind of forced to‘ scenario. Now, we’ve decided to introduce a little supplement to MOB.

There were a lot of bloggers that expressed a lot of interest in MOB, but could not commit due to time, date and other constraints, now we’ve decided to introduce a little supplement to MOB. This supplement event is a more watered down version, well not really watered down, but a flexible free-and-easy version, except for one big rule – you have to blog about one of the topics given below and that this is entirely separate from the Official MOB tourney. So essentially, this is a ‘manga blog – topic recommendation post.’

The main aim of this supplement is that we hope to enhance the MOB experience and challenge some of you as well as allow those who were unable to participate in the main MOB a chance to try your hand in this event.

We’re not sure if anyone’s interested anyway; BUT, if you are interested, here are a few simple guidelines:

You submit a blog post(indeed), our participants were free to write anything related to manga but we also gave them a list of topics they could choose the tackle. The difference between this MOB Challenge and Official MOB:

You have to blog about one of the recommended topics. This is the challenge and only real rule!

This is your chance to have a go at what MOB’s participants already done.

This supplement will be similar with the MOB’s official poll posts – your article is featured along with other bloggers. If we do get people interested, this supplement event post linking to articles will be updated periodically and transferred to a dedicate page on top of the blog.

The goal of this supplement event is not a competition, it might be if we decide to hold polls(though a less serious one). This is an entirely separate event from the Official MOB tourney, so you’re not actually part of the Official competition. This is more of a personal manga blogging challenge, especially since we tried to make the topics invoke more discussion/speculation(basically editorials). So basically, these topics will allow you to gather your own thoughts and in some way be part of this event! Plus, blogging about the same topics will allow us to share opinions about the same topic in a more detailed forum manner(that is if you end up writing about the same thing, this has happened more than twice in Round 1 of MOB already, I found it really interesting reading them).

Is there a deadline?

The environment of this supplement will be more pressure-friendly, which is essentially the main difference with MOB itself. Additionally, there is no real deadline for this, except that you try to blog about one of the subjects within the time period of the already running MOB. We’re anticipating roughly 5-6 weeks, so basically you have a lot of time. You can also write about as many topics as you want.

Will there be a voting poll?

If there is going to be a poll, this will most likely be held along with the Official MOB finals and there will be two outcomes. MOB’s official participators will form a panel to vote separately from readers so there will be sort of unofficial titles of MOB Panel’s Choice Award and a MOB: Readers Choice Award(in idea only).

How to join?

This process will be a lot simpler, all you gotta do is blog, inform us with a link and that’s it.

Current Official MOB participants may also join though it just means more writing for you. (Good or bad thing, that’s for you to decide)

Few notes:

The Manga Weekend team will not be actively recruiting bloggers(more specifically, hunting like hungry cavemen, annoying people with messages and such) for this supplement, so if you find this worth doing, please spread the word!

[Even if you’ve read this post but decide not to ‘submit’ your blog post to us, we hope you find this idea somewhat interesting and maybe you’d like to try it out yourself in your own discretion as your own manga blogging challenge!]


Now onto the important part, the TOPICS:



Explore the role of girls/women in Shounen manga


Many mainstream shounen manga utilize fan-service to appeal to its audience; what is your opinion on the use of fan-service in shounen manga? E.g. Does it enhance the story, or is it an unnecessary element?


It is mainly Shounen manga that dominates the top lists for longest running manga, such as Kochikame and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Why do you think this is the case, as compared to other genres?


“That’s what it means to be a man!”
“Are you a man or not?”
“This is what separates a man from a boy.”

What would you say defines a ‘man’ in shounen and seinen manga? How do they differ, and does it not change even when targeted for different age groups?


“Character development in usually the core theme in seinen manga.” Explore the implications of the statement, and compare the medium of character development with shounen manga.



Explore the role of boys/men in shoujo manga


Romance is a a common genre associated with both shoujo and josei manga. Compare and contrast the portrayal of romance in both.


In the past, Shoujo manga trends towards a confession in a romance setting, however, these past few years have seen a change in direction, with confession scenes occurring faster and secondary plotlines pushed further. How far would you agree with this statement?


“Shoujo manga has entered a stagnant state because of the black and white nature of the genres it represents i.e. romance, slice of life.”
What are your thoughts on this statement?


The difference between Shoujo and Josei manga is often disputed. Josei manga is seen as the more mature equivalent since it’s aimed at older women, but yet shoujo manga is also known to portray mature content. Is Josei manga really just label?


What would you count as a ‘guilty pleasure’ manga and why?

What clichés are often seen in manga that you absolutely love/detest?

What is the role of the supernatural in manga?

If we think of more topics to include to above, we’ll update accordingly after releasing them to Official MOB’s participants.


Any questions, leave us an email at mangaweekend[AT], or simply leave us a comment below!

Participants so far: –


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