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Round 2 – The Final Round | Manga Olympics for Bloggers Poll

Dear everyone, as you are aware, this post and event continuation is largely overdue. An unfortunate turn of events that has led this situation, factors include technical problems, mis-communication, a lack of access to the internet and the general world being against us. We’ve been continuously throwing dates around and changing dates, which was not very helpful and most problems are due to the fact that there were a lot of flaws in the schedule which we only noticed after MOB had started. So now finally, we’ve decided to cut MOB short to Round 2 simply being the final round.

We’ve also decided to collate all votes from all polls to determine results. This final round will last until Friday 16th August 2013. Without further rants, here is the final round of posts!


Shounen/Seinen Final Round


Blog: Animetics

Blogger: torisunanohokori

Blog post: Similar Brothers, Different Paths

Preview: So I’ve been reading Adachi Mitsuru’s Touch in the past couple of weeks. My opinions on it are more or less public record. The original reason I got started on it was to do a serious rundown of all the baseball series I knew of (since talking about baseball manga without mentioning Touch would be like talking about great basketball players and not mentioning Bill Russell). However, an interesting theme constantly showed up in that manga that I’ve seen in another series, Space Brothers.* Namely, both series focus on a relationship between two talented brothers who take their talents in different directions. And both do a fascinating job of exploring what caused those brothers to walk their separate paths. Click Here To Read the Rest of the Post. Continue reading


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