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Be part of Manga Olympics for Bloggers (MOB-Supplement)! – Manga Blogging Challenge!


(MOB – Stands for Manga Olympics for Bloggers)


The second week of the event has officially started! I am aware that both rounds were delayed, so the duration of the event will be pushed further accordingly to make up lost time. So, you’ve seen MOB’s official participating blogs coming up(if you haven’t I highly recommend you do) with a lot of great posts, and it is no easy-task. MOB’s participants had to complete posts within a time-frame as well as gather a lot of determination and dedication to blog, especially when you’re in a ‘kind of forced to‘ scenario. Now, we’ve decided to introduce a little supplement to MOB.

There were a lot of bloggers that expressed a lot of interest in MOB, but could not commit due to time, date and other constraints, now we’ve decided to introduce a little supplement to MOB. This supplement event is a more watered down version, well not really watered down, but a flexible free-and-easy version, except for one big rule – you have to blog about one of the topics given below and that this is entirely separate from the Official MOB tourney. So essentially, this is a ‘manga blog – topic recommendation post.’

The main aim of this supplement is that we hope to enhance the MOB experience and challenge some of you as well as allow those who were unable to participate in the main MOB a chance to try your hand in this event.

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