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Spring Anime 2011 – Ranks, Rants & Ratings

OOOOOKAYYYYY!!! So I’ve been through most of the Spring 2011 Anime, and here are my rankings (in the order in which they appear), my rants (what I pretty much thought about them) and my ratings. The first 2 are pretty subjective to me, but I tried my best to keep the ratings more unbiased; so basically I could think an anime was good, therefore giving it a high rating, but personally preferred another one over it hence giving it a better rank and rant.

Ratings might still be quite biased since I pretty much dashed through everything (there’s about 26 anime here people!) but I tried my best – in fact I think this is the longest post I’ve ever written… Anyway I might give them proper reviews later on in the season, but if you have any favourites you particularly want us to review or whatever, feel free to drop us a message! =D


This is a pretty huge step up from my previous spring anime post since there are so much more episodes and series’ this time round @_@ Sorry if it’s all a bit too much spammed into a single post – I just really wanted to clear it all up in one go… so let’s start!

Ao no Exorcist

Hopeless dude who can hardly get anything right and keeps getting into fights. Was brought up in an orphanage with twin bro, when suddenly – well, waddya know? – an extremely shounen twist of fate happens.

Okay this rant is going to be super biased since I’m already a fan of the manga. Seriously though, out of the long list of anime I’ve watched so far this spring I still think this is the one I’ve enjoyed the most. Even if you’ve read the manga and know everything that’s about to go down, Ao no Exorcist is definitely still a must-watch. It’s not just the animation, it’s the structure of the story and everything that just makes it completely worthwhile. Also – besides the fact that for some reason I can’t get enough of Rin’s face – story-wise and overall, this is already my favourite so far… and I’ve only watched one episode of it XD

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Since this is No.1 I’ll put in a special mention for their ED – I seriously like it! It’s by that 2PM korean boy band or something =P

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Spring Anime 2011 – First Impressions So Far

First of all I JUST seriously, seriously have to share this Shinigami Zukan. It’s a few weeks old – but anyway, I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever watched in the history of Bleach =D

It’s been quite awhile since I posted anything up – and honestly speaking, that’s only because I’ve lately been picking up new manga that I can’t believe I didn’t start reading sooner (Eden no Ori, Shibatora, Kuroshitsuji, Shion no Ou, Hokenshitsu no Shinigami, Doubt, Magico, Toraneko Folklore… etc etc). I’ll probably give them a zap through sometime soon, but for now I’ll run through the Spring 2011 anime that I’ve watched so far this week – these aren’t really professional reviews, they’re just my own personal thoughts, and I’ve listed them according to my preference so far! =D

Hana-Saku Iroha

City girl boots over to countryside, where she has to work in a ryokan under her grandma since her mom ran off somewhere with her boyfriend.

It’s really weird. I thought I wouldn’t like this anime much but it ended up being my favourite for this season so far – it’s got this nice, slice-of-life feel. I don’t have a particular favourite for any of the characters but I just really, really like the way the whole story is being told. The protagonist, Ohana, is one of those pretty laid-back characters who seem unfazed by changes. She’s not as indifferent as she looks, however, and there’s just something about the way she tries to persevere that makes me want to stick around and well… keep watching.

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