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M.Weekend Shopper: Part 4


Manga March – Save 15% off of a purchase of $50 or more*.
Enter the code MANGALOVE at check out.
*Limit 2 uses per customer and some other restrictions may apply.
Expires: 3/14/2011


Japan Centre

Spend over £60 between Friday and Sunday and get free delivery to anywhere in the UK mainland. Read here for more details.




Japan Manga + Anime UT lines are on sale at GBP 6.99 on the Uniqlo.uk website.

Naruto, Monster Hunter, Kokaku Kidoda Stand Alone Complex and Dragon Ball Z UT lines are on sale at GBP 9.99 on the Uniqlo.uk website.

Big Bang UT Line is available in stores and online at Uniqlo.uk at GBP 12.99.

Film “Norwegian Wood” UT Line is available in stores and online at Uniqlo.uk. Online offer running at GBP 9.99.


Sweet Illustrations line at GBP 9.99 online offer at Uniqlo.uk

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Lala DX Issue 01/2011

Hello hello! The weather wasn’t as cruel today so I ventured out to do some Christmas shopping. It wasn’t snowing, it was raining! Hopping from department store to the next, leaving Japan Centre, Regent Street my second final stop to get myself a copy of Lala DX. It was £12.70 – more pricey than Lala Special or Lala 1.

Anyway, Maid-sama is on the cover of this issue of Lala DX with a ski themed illustration. I’ve concluded that Maid-sama is out to take over the world:

In this issue you can find a drama CD of Harukanaru Toki No Nakade (Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time) and two post-cards with the illustrations  by Tohko Mizuno of the same series.

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The M.Weekend Shopper: London ~ Japan Centre Part 1

19 Air Street
Tel: 020 3405 1150





Tucked away from the more popular alleys of Soho and the bustling crowd out on a rampage in Regent Street, the Japan Centre bookshop is positioned roughly in between London’s former red-light district and the popular shopping district. The floor-space within the shop really limits the amount of books carried in-store; it is understandable that one might just call it a convenient magazine shop with extra goodies.

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Lala Issue 01/2011~

Dropped by Japan Centre again this weekend to pick up this issue! Sadly, they don’t stock Asuka Monthly or Aria magazine. I might try ordering Asuka online if it keeps me awake at night. I took some photos instead of scanning since it gives this personal effect 😀 and I’m too lazy to scan stuff. Anyways, Maid-sama! takes the spotlight by appearing in the beginning-of-year cover page:


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Lala Special Issue 12/2010~

I just got the December 2010 issue of Lala Special. So happy! I bought it from the Japan Centre in Regent Street, London which costed me £11.70. I couldn’t get it on the Japan Centre website since it wasn’t the normal Lala monthly magazine and the shipping fee from Amazon.jp was just crazy! The Lala Special issue differs from the parent by releasing Lala monthly’s side stories as well as a variety of one-shots from mangakas.This issue contains Ouran’s special chapter as well as a selection of previous chapters, there’s also a announcement that there will be a special one-shot sequel at the beginning of next year!(there are many other series as well, vampire knight etc. not just ouran if you’re wondering)

There’s also a set of Ouran bookmarks!!! There are 8 bookmarks as you can see:

Now I have an extra reason to look forward to reading my books.

I mainly bought this month’s special issue because of the Ouran commemoration, it’s so sad to say good-bye after  7  wonderful years. I’ll definitely cherish Ouran forever(T_T), thank you Bisco Hatori.



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