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M.W Shopper: Part 3

I won’t be doing as detailed posts like the last two since these items pop out constantly. I’ll be making these posts more brisk. Oh, if there are any hardcore High School Debut fans out there you should go get Betsuma 3, it has a High School Debut fan book and a Kimi ni Todoke DVD(with what I don’t know I just glanced at it in JapanCentre, I think it has something to do with the anime, bonuses I guess?).


photo via MunkyKing

An exclusive watch design by Luke Chueh. I was gonna add this into our Valentine’s Day posts but I forgot. There are only 150 pieces available so you better get yours if you want one! Available at Vannen Watches or MunkyKing. Retails at $88.00. Continue reading

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