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Manga-Talk: Manga Forever After

“It’s been going on since, like, forever!”

An extremely common statement, especially when in reference to anime like One Piece and Naruto. I myself have spent the last week catching up with Detective Conan by Aoyama Gosho and have finally reached the 758th chapter. I never really got into it before – probably since I had to read it in my second language, which suffice to say I’m not that great at. Even if it is my mother tongue.

Anyway. Conan.

It’s serialised in Weekly Shōnen Sunday with about 760++ chapters since 1994. At first I was like, oh, yeah, that’s a rather long time.

Then I think.


Nineteen ninety four.

From 2011 onward, that is seventeen friggin’ YEARS.

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Manga-Talk: Starry☆Sky ~After Season~ Manga

I was wondering whether I should slot this post into a new Mushroom Manga post or maybe a review post, but well – this was originally meant to be on our weekly one-shot feature.

I was quite optimistic that arawr(she’s disappeared somewhere I don’t know what happen to her) & I wouldn’t have to give much thought about this week’s one-shot as I was planning to go ahead with choosing one out of Starry Sky ~After Season~’s anthology. I left the whole thing until last night and well, after actually reading the Starry Sky ~After Season~ one-shots, let’s just say it won’t be on our weekly one-shot feature. Instead, I’ll share some short views via this edition of posts instead! Continue reading


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Manga-Talk/Drama-Talk: High School Debut Live-Action Film

Speak of the devil. I just released my High School Debut Vol 1 review and thanks to wordpress for automatically generating ‘possibly related posts,’ I found out there was a HSD live-action film to be released this Spring 2011.

Here’s where I obtained the news even though it’s been months: Junpei Mizobata, Ito Ono star in “High School Debut” Continue reading


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Manga-Talk: Bambi no Tegami

So for the past 10 minutes, I’ve been wondering how M.W. will run Mushroom Manga and Manga-Talk posts. I was confusing myself and I’ve already forgotten why. Lol. Anyways, I’ve concluded that Mushroom Manga is strictly for recommendation :))). All the other rants shall be included in this post.

So, England is suffering from adverse weather and Christmas is coming up. I was desperately trying to find some snow or Christmas-y themed sort of manga when I stumbled on Bambi no Tegami by Takano Ichigo. Is there Christmas? No, but the heroine lives on this hill with tons of snow, and – well, Bambi makes me think of Rudolph the red-nose reindeer.

Bambi no Tegami is about a girl who’s stricken with bad luck but one day she casts a spell from a magazine (I found this weird) to obtain 3 months worth of good fortune. Soon she meets this mysterious guy and he helps her blah blah blah and then her best girl-friend reveals that she loves the heroine’s crush and then we have a bit of drama. Oh, and the heroine had a reindeer in he past named Bambi and the mysterious guy remind her of Bambi because he has comforting quality – I found this sweet. The story is quite rushed and the story-telling isn’t a good as it could be, and well, the main reason for this post is that I wanted to share these pretty illustrations of the manga:

It’s snowy and Christmas-y and there’s a guy and a gal, which suggests love. What a wonderful Christmas will that be! Well, I’ve got nothing to add now so til next time! Hopefully I’ll find a really nice snow/Chritsmas-y manga next round. Why is my skype not working :x?


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Manga-Talk: Sabrina

*Spoilers alert*

So I was browsing through a selection of one-shots for this weekend the other night I stumbled across a very weird piece of work by Tsunomu Nihei, who’s a mangaka famous for his cyber-punk influenced work like Blame! The one-shot was called Sabrina, which I believe is the girl who get’s her hand stuck in a wall with a bunch of baby-monster things trying to consume her arm. It’s quite bizarre. Then this suspicious looking man comes along and offers to cut her arm off to help her. She agrees and the job is done and she say’s “thank you.” The man then brings her arm home and eats it.

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Manga-Talk: i need lala-dx

A 45 pp chapter 22 of Akagami no Shirayuki-hime in Lala DX. The picture is so sweet and romantic, I can never predict what will happen next in this story. I’m gonna get Lala DX this weekend when uni holidays start, will be in London for a whole month! I just did my drama presentation and now I have two assignments to finish off and I know I might have to pull several all-nighters to get them done.

Btw, I pushed back the Kimi ni Todoke review because of my busy-ness-ness. Assignments. sigh sigh sigh. Hope I do fantastic though. How ironic.


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