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Starry☆Sky~in Spring~ | Otome Game

Starry Sky Series

Starry☆Sky~in Spring~

Platform: PC & PSP

Company: HoneyBee

Genre: Otome, visual novel, shoujo games, slice of life

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There’s a lot of hype lately about the Starry Sky franchise, I can certainly feel it in the tumblr-sphere and it’s been circulating like mad. Released in 2009 by Honey-Bee, Starry☆Sky~in Spring~ is the first game followed by summer, autumn, winter. It now has further expansions like ‘after spring’ and well, I’m almost thoroughly confused. In this post I’ll attempt to cover Starry Sky in a general manner as well as focusing the ‘In Spring~’ game. This will also be M.Weekend’s first proper game related post. Hurrah!

First of all, I think Starry Sky boomed in the english-speaking world when the anime came out. The story, for an otome series is frankly, to me, quite sweet and absolutely perfect for it’s genre. Starry Sky focuses on a harem of one girl(who’s called Tsukiko Yahisa, but you can change her name)and 12 guys with each guy’s personality representing the 12 members of the Western Zodiac. It’s a neat idea to have the otome game player to seek out their love interests via zodiac personalities, it very reminiscent of Fruits Basket which uses the Chinese zodiac. It’s called Starry Sky because of the zodiac constellation theme(i assume) and the fact that everyone attends an Astronomy school which was formally only for boys(hence only one girl, you, da playa).

Each game season you get three love interests. Allow me to introduce to you formally the men of the ‘in spring~’ version. From right to left: Yoh Tomoe(capricorn), Kanata Nanami(pisces) and Suzuya Tohzuki(cancer):

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Some Starry Sky~ *Updated*

the lazy bug has gotten me. i’ve postponed many things til this weekend. anyways i was going through my dashboard then suddenly somebody posted a link to an otome game – starry sky in spring. i’ve always been darn curious about otome games, its one of those things u must do in life. LOL. its 3.31am atm and i’m going to bed soon but here’s some screenies. kanata is basically the stubborn one, suzuya is the mature grown up and yoh is tat quiet/loner acid mouth.

kanata u so mean~!

with the responses i used in the game i kept ending up with suzuya.

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