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Manga Olympics for Bloggers Poll: Round 1/Part 2

Hey everyone! Time for the second part of round 1! I’ll be covering the results in separate post. Please find below the sneak peaks and links towards blog posts for this line-up! From this post onwards, I’ll be attaching each blog post’s first pictures as the feature photo for this post. I’m roughly picking the first images on a post, but if you want change the featured picture for your post, please inform me and I’ll gladly do so. It’ll also make this post a whole lot appealing…

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: All parts of Round 1 polls will only be closed when the round is over. So you can still vote for Part 1 and etc.

Also, if you find any errors below, please contact me and I’ll change it ASAP! This has happened before due to my carelessness, so I will be much more vigilant to avoid errors!

Let’s start with Shounen manga this time round! Once again, the following order is according to the earliest submission:

Shounen/Seinen Round 1/Part 2


Blog: Zero-Sama

Blogger: Zero-Sama

Blog post: Bleach Chapter 541 Review: Farewell Old Man Zangetsu

Post preview: Zero-Sama is the only video blogger in MOB!

Click Here to listen/watch Zero-sama’s video blog post!

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Manga Olympics for Bloggers Poll: Round 1/Part 1


ROUND 1/PART 1 POLLS ARE NOW UP. In this post, you’ll find two polls for the Shounen/Seinen category and the Shoujo/Josei category. How exciting! There are amazing posts here, with participants really putting a lot of effort and I only say this after having read them all! I apologise for the delay for the polls to be put up, I found out later that not everyone participating received my event info email so I had to push it back a bit. Thank you so much for all your co-operation!

Do check out your peers and remember that leaving comments will also make you eligible for the comment award! You can vote for yourselves, there’s no shame in this, but do vote responsibly!

If you’re on twitter, do follow the hash-tag – #MangaMOB for any coverage and updates! If you see any errors in this post or if you’d like anything changed(such as your post preview), please contact me ASAP!

The order of this post is according to post submission dates! If you need to refer to the original event post, please click here.

Manga Weekend’s own blog posting will be suspended until the event ends. Continue reading


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One-Shot for the New Week/Year – Adolte and Adarte

Adolte and Adarte (アードルテとアーダルテ)


Manga-ka: Nakamura Asumiko

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Seinen

A one-shot about twins both living opposite lives. Will they ever find something in common with each other apart from their physical appearance? And how different will they be if they ever trade places?

Originally published in Poco Poco by Ohta Shuppan.

One-shot reviews/recommendations has always been a very Manga Weekend thing, so before we leave New Year too soon here is a one-shot post. The one-shot I picked isn’t exactly mind-blowing or exceedingly impressive but in any case, one that I want to wish you all a good year with.


It’s simple, straightforward and predictable. We find twins separated by birth who eventually find their way in life, that we can always start fresh even though we remember our roots and past misgivings. It’s about breaking the status-quo in a way and off to start a new adventure. That itself is common, cliche and straightforward, but what comes after this story, we don’t know but it’s hopeful and that is what I want to wish all of you. There were nasty themes in this one-shot, like greed and regret but in the end, we watch people move forward. Let our lives be a constant testament that there will be a brighter tomorrow no matter what has happened. If 2012 was good to you, I hope 2013 will be even better.


Rating: 2.7/5

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Mushroom Manga~ Otoyomegatari & Tora to Ookami

Hi everyone! Manga Weekend has been rather quiet these two weeks, I’ve just finished all my assignments and I’m so ready for spring-break! I’ve recovered from my fatigued state so I’m hoping to post a little more though I don’t know what I’ll be blabbering on about.

This mushroom post, I present to you two stories by two very well-established manga-kas, Otoyomegatari/A Bride’s Story by Mori Kaoru(Manga-ka of Emma: A Victorian Romance) & Tora to Ookami by Kamio Youko(Manga-ka of Hana Yori Dango). It comes no surprise that when they start a new story, it will be under the care of highly capable hands.

Otoyomegatar/A Bride’s Story

Manga-ka: Mori Kaoru

Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life

A Bride’s Story tells the tale of a beautiful young bride in nineteenth-century Asia. At the age of twenty, Amir is sent to a neighboring town to be wed. But her surprise at learning her new husband, Karluk, is eight years younger than her is quickly replaced by a deep affection for the boy and his family. Though she hails from just beyond the mountains, Amir’s clan had very different customs, foods, and clothes from what Karluk is used to. As the two of them learn more about each other through their day-to-day lives, the bond of respect and love grows stronger.

-Yen Press


When I read Emma, my first comment was that it was a story that I wanted to read ever so much but it was also the story which was all to rare to find.

Emma brought real Victorian life into the spotlight with genuine accuracy, it wasn’t part of the bunch of try-hearts who tried to re-create the posh-ness of England’s Golden Age(Everyone would hate me for this but I’m thinking of Black Butler). Otoyomegatari has that same factual accuracy to it, but this time round, Mori Kaoru-sensei brings about the life and history of a place on earth that is often famous for the turbulent events on the global stage, Central Asia. Continue reading


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Manga-Talk: Sabrina

*Spoilers alert*

So I was browsing through a selection of one-shots for this weekend the other night I stumbled across a very weird piece of work by Tsunomu Nihei, who’s a mangaka famous for his cyber-punk influenced work like Blame! The one-shot was called Sabrina, which I believe is the girl who get’s her hand stuck in a wall with a bunch of baby-monster things trying to consume her arm. It’s quite bizarre. Then this suspicious looking man comes along and offers to cut her arm off to help her. She agrees and the job is done and she say’s “thank you.” The man then brings her arm home and eats it.

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