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One-Shot for the Weekend – Mamono wa Utawanai

Mamono wa Utawanai (魔物は歌わない) / Smargs Won’t Sing

Manga-ka: Yamamoto Kumiko

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

Around three years ago, a village was destroyed by an evil Smarg. The sole survivors of the massacre, sisters Chloe and Iria, fled to a nearby village. The younger sister, Chloe, doesn’t speak, but is a friendly and diligent worker who is loved by all. The older sister, Iria, is disruptive, rude, and cruel, especially towards the unfailingly loyal Chloe. But how did two young girls manage to escape such a powerful creature in the first place?

Published as a one-shot in Jump SQ 2010.


Watching The Epic of ZetBach a couple of days back sort of revived my thirst for some old-school fantasy, so I chose Mamono wa Utawanai – or Smargs Won’t Sing – for this week’s one-shot.

In terms of the structure of the one-shot, I have to say this is one of the really good ones. Despite having to cram everything in about 55 pages or so, the storyline isn’t rushed and the ending was brought to a proper closure. Which, I feel, is really what a one-shot should be all about – if it leaves you with a “SOMETHING MIGHT HAPPEN NEXT!” sort of feeling, but it all just ends there (it being a one-shot and all) then that is just unethical. Utterly barbaric.

Anyway despite the whole nature of the storyline that we’ve probably read in one manga or book or the other, Mamono was Utawanai still retains its own sense of originality. The characters aren’t over dramatised, which is a really nice change from the tortured individuals that would usually be portrayed in this sort of story. It may start off pretty depressing and edgy, but it’s got a pretty relaxing, sweet ending that would be a nice way to spend your time during your sweet, relaxing weekend after it started all depressing and edgy =D

Rating: 4.0/5.0

-arawr >=3


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One-Shot for the Weekend – Foo Fighter Fuji

Title: Foo Fighter Fuji

Author: Miyokawa Masaru

Artist: Miyokawa Masaru

Summary: 16 year old Gizagaki Fuji always had a temper and hated the idea of romance. A shooting star suddenly crashed into him and now he’s become an alien’s spaceship?!

Published as a one-shot in Akamaru Jump in 2008.


Well, here I am again, late for this weekend’s one-shot once again. Oh yes, I’ll be recommending another love story again, it’s only appropriate since Valentine’s Day is in two days time.

I was going to offer a sweet, no-stress read for this romantic weekend but I decided to add a twist.

A romance from shounen manga. How shocking.

Now you don’t have to wait for 100 chapters before the couple shows any emotion towards each other. Or in some cases, watch cool men neglect their women(I’m looking at you Conan).

The idea of this one-shot is quite unique and bizarre at the same time. In actual fact this one-shot doesn’t really centralise on romance, it’s a mixed bag. It’s quite commendable for everything to be stuffed into a one-shot.

It’s a relationship between a boy and an alien. It doesn’t exactly break any new ground but it’s a nice one-shot with some nicely drawn action scenes. It sort of pokes a little jiffy on shoujo manga(in a non-offending way) & the aliens are used in a comic manner. I had a few chuckles reading this.

It was romantic in an unconventional way.

Have a wonderful remaining weekend.

Overall Rating: 3.7/5


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Mangaka of the Month~ Arakawa Hiromu

Arakawa Hiromu
(荒川 弘 Arakawa Hiromu)



Place & Date of Birth: May 8, 1973, Hokkaidō, Japan.

Gender: Female

Blood type: A

Horoscope: Taurus

Hiromu Arakawa is a Japanese manga artist from Hokkaidō. Arakawa’s career started with a work titled STRAY DOG, but she is best known for creating the Fullmetal Alchemist which became a hit both domestically and internationally, and was later adapted into two television anime series. She often portrays herself as a bespectacled cow as she was born and raised in a dairy farm with three older sisters and a younger brother. Arakawa started out as Etō Hiroyuki’s assistant writer for Mahōjin Guru Guru and a friend of Shakugan no Shana author Yashichiro Takahashi. Continue reading

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