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STGCC: Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention 2011 – Some Cosplay Pics!

Another rare post after some time! Anyway, about two weeks back I actually went over to STGCC at the Suntec Convention Center in Singapore. It lasted for two days (where I watched FMA: Milos no Sei naru Hoshi on the evening of the first!) and I went for both, although honestly speaking it was just so I could just walk around and look at the cosplayers.

What I like about all these anime events is that you get to see all the cosplayers strutting their stuff everywhere. The first ones I saw were TK, Naoi, Otonashi and one other character from Angel Beats! Sure I saw 5 different types of Ichigo (Hollow Ichigo, Bankai Ichigo, Not-So-Tall Ichigo, Round Ichigo etc.) and every other person seemed to be dressed up as Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid. Even the twins(?) Rin and Len sorta multiplied into decaplets instead. I even saw Krad, and as impressive as his wings were I wondered if he’s been recycling his costume ever since D.N. Angel was in its prime. It was really exciting to see more recent characters like Menma from AnoHana, Kotetsu and Barnaby from Tiger and Bunny and Madoka from Madoka Magica.

Anyway it’s a really fun experience – personally I think it takes a lot of courage to dress up in cosplay. Some people brand you as being overly showy, going overboard or just being an attention whore. Some people just don’t have the time to do all the prepping that’s needed. For others, there’s the stigma of being labelled as an ‘otaku’. Whatever it is, events like these give you a really good excuse to just go out and have fun and since everyone’s wearing a neon coloured wig, it doesn’t seem as socially awkward and bizarre. So first of all, I didn’t have much of an intention to take real photos so I just brought my normal camera instead of asking my bro to take along his big guns. As usual, my camera died halfway so some of the photo qualities aren’t that great since we used my bro’s iTouch. I’m also a wuss so I was too shy to ask the nice people to face this way when taking their picture. Anyway, I think most of it turned out okay, so here they are!

May the force be with you

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