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One-Shot for the Weekend – Joyful Days?

Manga-ka: Fujito Yoko

Genre: Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life

Keigo Satou has a crush on his classmate/friend, Arai, who is always cheerful. He tries to make her fall in love with him even though she doesn’t notice him.


When I looked at the art, I immediately thought to myself – this must be from the Margaret magazine family, and I was right. Sorry, I get thrills from simple things. Anyway, this week, the first piece of work I read was Joyful Days? and boy was I lucky.

The highlight of Joyful Days is that it’s told in the eyes and soul of a male hero. It’s rather refreshing after being on the side of a heroine constantly, where we witness her chasing some guy and when she has internal conflicts with herself. Since the story is told by the hero, it was nice to know what goes on in the head of a guy(even if it was written by a lady). The hero was caring, slightly clumsy, but genuine and to be told from his point of view made it seem ever so much more personal. It’s like he’s a puppy! In some ways it reminds me of Haruhi Suzumiya, narrated by a dude and the heroine is a bit whacked. But of course, no story can be as extreme and Joyful Days offers a more relatable and much more ‘realistic’ & ‘normal’ portrayal of a relationship. Joyful Days does focuses on romance though and what makes it relatable is that it involves the experiences that people in love go through. Lots of plus points.

It seems although the manga-ka was aiming for some ambiguity in the end but it didn’t come through so well. I thought the heroine could have used a much more character development, there was a charm about her but she sort of declined in the end. Overall, it really was a very good read. It’s so nice and fuzzy that it makes you want to marry the hero and go have babies or something. Okay, I don’t think that line made it sound very appealing but do give it a read!

Have a lovely fuzzy & cozy weekend, even when it feels like summer(on my side that is). I’ll be putting this manga-ka on my radar.

Rating: 4.4/5


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One-Shot for the Weekend: Happy Every Day

Manga-ka: Sakuraba Yui

Genre: One Shot, Romance, Shoujo

Megumi doesn’t mind working at her part-time job as a convenience store cashier every day if it means that she gets to see one special customer: her prince. But if she wants him to notice her, she’ll first have to summon up the courage to actually talk to him.

Published as a one-shot in The Margaret in 2009.


Arawr just left the task of this weekend’s oneshot to me so I haven’t really prepared anything. I haven’t been reading a lot these few weeks, I’ve just been taking my Lala DX 3 everywhere so I can flip through it when I’m bored. As for this weekend’s one-shot, I’ve literally just read something that I really enjoy. It’s not something out of the box but I really did enjoy this shoujo manga very much.

I was particularly drawn in by the art, it’s really pretty and the manga-ka has her own cute touch. I’ve started to stay away from manga that have more generic art-styles because I’m horrible and I judge a book by it’s cover. You’ll pretty much know what will happen after the first quarter of the story and I think it’s probably one of the most over-used shoujo one-shot scenarios but even though I’ve read tons of them, I’ll always need them.

The story involves the heroine going through lengths just to gaze at her admired person once a day but I suppose this extremism will be forgiven since she’s earning some dosh while she’s at it. It’s about unrequited love but the main hero steps into the light just when we want him to so all is well. The story isn’t dramaticised and maintains this fluid storyline which isn’t rushed. I really love how the hero has almost the exact same reason to work like the heroine, it makes the overall story undeniably sweet and you can’t help but wonder why can’t this happen to yourself(or that’s just me.)

That’s all from me for this weekend, or maybe not but here I go, continuing my performance art research. Have a wonderful weekend.

Rating: 4.0/5


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