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The M.Weekend Shopper: Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 3 *Inexpensive Thrills* UPDATED

Welcome back for the next part of M.W’s Valentine’s Day gifts! This is our inexpensive thrills edition where we try our best to offer items that do not pass the USD $20 mark. Being half broke doesn’t mean you can’t get good gifts – and that is why we’re here to help you!

If you didn’t realise already, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (o.k. there’s 3 weeks left but still) . Time to scout for gifts dear peeps. If you refuse to meddle with the affairs of the love-birds or love-birds in-making, maybe you can get these for yourself too.

*Update: I’ve added more recommendations instead of creating a new post. i think creating too many parts might be too messy.

Check out Part 1 & Part 2.

Here we go:

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The M.Weekend Shopper: Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 2

Here in Manga Weekend, we understand that choosing gifts can be difficult; heck, just admit it’s hard okay? I’m sure you’ve been on Google or Yahoo or [insert search engine here], searching for gift ideas but yet, heck again! Why are they so VAGUE? Anime posters, action figures, buy him his favourite anime set? Pft. That’s why, we, are here to help you! We aim to give you a selection of specific products and maybe they can give you ideas too! And well, if you didn’t find anything special – we’ve got nothing to say to you.

Now, welcome back to Part 2 of the M.Weekend Shopper’s edition of Valentine’s Day gifts! Valentine’s Day hasn’t even cross your mind yet? Well, M.W are once again here to remind you! Best to plan early for your beloved sweethearts. If you didn’t get any ideas from Part 1, well here we go again! I’m quite excited about this batch!

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The M.Weekend Shopper: Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 1

Tis’ the season of spring – that is coming. Season of the new beginnings, renewal, and the welcoming of the bright sun(If you live in the upper hemisphere that is).

Perhaps you want to rejuvenate your love? Going steady recently have you? Chasing that potential partner? M.Weekend is here to help you!

For Him:

Struggling? A dilemma?


“Silver pendant with a motif of “FINAL FANTSY VII” Cloud’s arm bangles. It is stylishly decorated with black carbon.

Size:H / 0.51 inches × W / 0.56 inches, Chain Length / 17.72 inches

Via Square-Enix website

M.W: Final Fantasy VII is widely perceived to be the masterpiece of the Final Fantasy compilation. Get this ultra stylish pendant for that special person, it’ll easily match any wardrobe & make a fashion statement. Even one of the characters from Final Fantasy VII is called Valentine(Val entine’s Day get it? hehe). May Cloud be with you.

Retails at £ 138.00 on the Square-Enix website.

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