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One-Shot for the Weekend: Obake Life

Obake Life | オバケライフ

Manga-ka: Takahashi Ichirou

Genre: Comedy,  Horror,  School Life,  Shounen,  Supernatural, Romance

A girl who can see spirits opened up a manga and read “Those who read to this point in my manga will die without fail on the same day”. Terrified, she tries to break her curse, with a jumpy spirit who wants to marry her…? 

Published as a one-shot in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2008.


It is very unlikely we would ever come across a one-shot placed in the genres of horror, comedy and romance. Being shounen manga, I guess that makes it slightly more likely since they can be quite bizarre. Shounen manga with romance? I’ll definitely give any one of those a try.

Okabe Life didn’t disappoint. In fact, it tied all the themes together but they were ‘mild,’ but not weak if you know what I mean(you probably don’t). It saw a reasonably good balance. The whole story was play-ful in a comedy way but it wasn’t to the extent where it was a parody of horror manga. Oh, and the male protagonist is quite the ball of awesome, I love how much energy he has, I might consider an engagement.

It’s not mind-blowingly epic, but it’s so absolutely likable! This is the first time where I REALLY wanted a shounen one-shot to continue into a series. It just has so much potential to do so. I’m probably saying this since I loved how the romance theme finished the story!

Have a good weekend!

Rating: 3.9/5


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One-Shot for the Weekend – Enma Gavel (エンマ・ガベル)

Enma Gavel (エンマ・ガベル)

Manga-ka: Shibata Yuusaku

Genre: School life, Shounen, Action, Supernatural

Sousuke is the class president, and is a stickler for the rules. Lately, he’s had lots of problems. First of all, he’s got to deal with his cute, but unruly, childhood friend Miroku. Secondly, they have a new transfer student, Enma, who claims to be from hell. Enma refuses to follow any rules but his own. Lastly, there’s the giant, mysterious claw marks that have been appearing all over school buildings. With all this trouble going on, will Sousuke follow the rules or learn that sometimes there are more important things? 

Published as a one-shot in Weekly Shounen Jump 2011.


I thought that being on break and all right now would mean I would be able to post more frequently. I forgot that being home – where the internet crawls and my Dragon Age croons to me – means that I would be haunting my game console. In fact I kinda forgot it was the weekend (holidays tend to do that, y’know…) so sorry for the wait! With me whacking ogres or whatever on my XBOX, I was in the mood for some shounen action, so I chose Enma Gavel!

It’s the typical shounen story – school life, transfer student, dash of comedy, some ecchi yadda yadda… typical Jump manga, so if you like those this is something to definitely read up on. It’s also a pretty recent one so you can keep up with times. Stock characters are used, but there is that own personal twist that makes it an enjoyable read. Like the typical Jump one-shot, the story aims for a plot that would extend further than just about 50 pages, so introducing the characters was a little rushed, but the pace of events was balanced out.

Overall, just the usual supernatural-ish shounen high school story – but it has the prospect of being serialised, so if the day comes out and your friend is all ‘read this manga! I’ve gone up to chapter __ and it’s awesome!’ you can be all ‘HAH! I read that ages ago n00b!’.

Well, if you want to anyway.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Have a nice week ahead! =D

-arawr >=3


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Mangaka of the Month – Kubo Tite


(久保 帯人 KUBO TAITO)



Real Name: Kubo Noriaki (久保 宣章)

Hometown: Fuchu, Aki District, Hiroshima

Date of Birth: 26 June 1977

Kubo Tite’s most significant work to date would happen to be one of the most popular manga of all time –Bleach. His talent was recognised by one of the editors in Shonen Jump when he submitted an entry for one of the magazine’s contests. Although he did not win, the two worked together and he managed to produce three one-shots. His first serialisation was Zombiepowder in 1999, which ended in 2000 with 4 volumes. His next work is also his current one – the ever famous Bleach that has run in the Weekly Shounen Jump since August 2001 with over 430 chapters.

Some of his greatest influences include Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro by Shigeru Mizuki and Saint Seiya by Masami Kurumada.

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Manga-Talk: Manga Forever After

“It’s been going on since, like, forever!”

An extremely common statement, especially when in reference to anime like One Piece and Naruto. I myself have spent the last week catching up with Detective Conan by Aoyama Gosho and have finally reached the 758th chapter. I never really got into it before – probably since I had to read it in my second language, which suffice to say I’m not that great at. Even if it is my mother tongue.

Anyway. Conan.

It’s serialised in Weekly Shōnen Sunday with about 760++ chapters since 1994. At first I was like, oh, yeah, that’s a rather long time.

Then I think.


Nineteen ninety four.

From 2011 onward, that is seventeen friggin’ YEARS.

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