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Starry Sky – Sound Track (Japan Version) *UPDATED*

UPDATE: Several individuals have expressed interest in the Starry Sky Sound Track CD and since honeybee does not currently provide any track samples at the moment, I’ve decided to upload 3 songs’ samples and hopefully it’ll give you a taste of what to expect! Let’s all support Honeybee! Browse further in this post for the 3 song samples. I have uploaded them using SoudCloud and I’ve disabled the download option since this is copyrighted material.

Also, I’ve scanned the CD’s front & back cover as well as four pages for a little bit more quality. 


“All the time I would I think of those precious days when the seasons came around.

All of us laughed,

with lots of love for you.”*


Hey ho! I’m so happy that my YesAsia order has finally arrived after 2 whole weeks as promised!

I tweeted this one on M.W's Twitter!

I bought two items in this order which is Starry Sky’s BGM Sound Track & the Gakuen Alice Illustration Fan-book. Of course, as the post title suggests, I will be posting a few snapshots of my Starry Sky lovely in this post & I’ll cover the Gakuen Alice book in a separate post since I often confuse myself in extremely long posts(plus I get to increase M.W’s post count by cheating like this). I won’t go into a large amount of detail, just a couple of bits and pieces that I think is worth sharing.

Oh yes, forgive me for some blurry photos, photography isn’t exactly my forte and I was quite excited!

Here are some general info:

Seiza Kareshi Series : Starry Sky Sound Track – Hoshiiro Ongaku Shu – (Japan Version)

High Resolution

Release date: 2009-09-25

Company: HoneyBee

Language: Japanese

Publisher Product Code: HO-91

Package Weight: 100g

-via YesAsia.com


Original BGM soundtrack release from game & drama CD series “Starry Sky” featuring 35 tracks total.

Sweet memories, warm memories, the album delivers a melody for a number of  precious time spent with a particular character, including painful memories!

Note: This CD only contains the BGMs, the theme songs are NOT included. This is not the Anime’s OST CD. Continue reading


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A little bit of Asuka 3/11

My copy of Asuka 3 has just arrived and I’m lovin’ it. Yes, I had to resort getting mine online since some Londoners have been sweeping up Asuka 3 in Japan Centre even though I have been constantly checking up the stores for the past 4 weeks. I’ll only be posting a couple of shots, if you’d like more detail about this issue head to Ayumikat’s blog, The Brownie Post II, I just discovered her blog(and realised I was super late in doing so, I’m still reasonably new in the manga/anime blogging scene) and she does fantastic scans, you can check out her Asuka 3 posts here & another post where she covered the Asuka Colours Booklet.

I got my copy of Asuka from YesAsia once again and I bought a little One Piece fob along with it which is now joining the likes of my Tamaki x Haruhi Lala phone fob, my four-leaf clover & and my Taurus horoscope thingy to dangle down my phone. Continue reading


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