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One-Shot for the Weekend – Yoru to Yakusoku

(夜と約束 | Night and Promise)

Manga-ka: Mitsuki

Genre: Comedy,  Shounen,  Supernatural,

Yoshino Shinya is a high school boy who is bullied all the time at school, which leads him to have no friends. However, no one knows that he is actually half-youkai, and due to that, he has the desire to eat human flesh. But because of the promise he made with his youkai father never to prey on humans, Shinya tries to resist his youkai blood that is thirsty for human’s blood, and live as a normal high school student. Will he be able to keep the promise he made with his father and keep his secret hidden?


It’s rather hard to find a good shounen one-shot for me. I mean, I don’t read a lot of shounen manga in the first place but I also think that it’s because of the nature of most shounen manga – they have complex storylines that a normal one-shot length cannot sustain. Well, anyway, since I found one – I’m particularly excited!

The story focuses on a teenage half-ling, human and youkai, a werewolf to be exact. The overall story has a very good balance of everything, it’s characters are well developed and it has a simple, but yet solid plot which is perfect as a one-shot. The story also offers this nice undertone of  fan-service. I’m not sure whether I’ve grasp the whole concept of fan-service quite yet(I probably don’t even know how to use the term), but the hero is quite likable and I find his ‘urge-to-eat-humans’ quite a suggestive act. The ladies of the series are also quite blessed and there was a mild saucy scene which was quite funny.

The art of the youkai is pretty amazing, it has lots of nice detail and shading; it sort of reminds me of “Western comic” art like Marvel. I did however, nearly stop reading since I found it a bit freaky but I’m glad I didn’t. I think it would make a rather good ongoing series. It also has some friendship theme thrown inside which I give lots of bonus points for!

Late one-shot again, I’ve been quite busy and today is a rather special day for me so lots of love to all of you.

Rating: 4.5/5


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