‘Nah mean? ‘Nah mean??

Ever felt like there was a certain moment in some anime/manga that you could completely relate to?

There’s a lot in the anime/manga universe that seems completely out of this world – naturally, a part of its appeal. It delivers something separate from reality, bringing you away from your own life for a moment. It is in these moments where we are soaking up all these fictional moments when suddenly


brave sena with lions

It doesn’t seem so fictional anymore. Maybe it was a character, a scene or even just a line that made you shoot out from your seat and go “I KNOW THAT FEEL BRO!!” There are instances in anime/manga where the audience have felt that they could relate to the fictional characters or scenarios that no longer seem as fictional as before (btw I completely understand what it feels like to be randomly swept to another galaxy with me giant mecha).

Both chungky and I have experienced this – and we’ve decided to share our Top 3 Anime Moments We Can Relate To! =D

So as the one who instigated this post, I’ll go first!


Arawr’s #3 – Aragaki Ayase from OreImo 2

oreimo ayase

Sketch of friendship by arawr

Sketch of friendship + extra by arawr

Okay so it’s not exactly Ayase’s whole character that I found I could relate to, it was just this one side of her where she’s a bit obsessive with Kirino. Not that I’m that overly attached to my friend, or that I try to steal her away from her boyfriend, or that her boyfriend and I have this sort of silent war for her time or anything, but I felt like that one scene where Ayase confronts Kyosuke about whether Kirino had a boyfriend or not… yep. I could completely empathize with that. If life was a movie, I’d be the annoying best friend who won’t get off the dude’s back. Chicks before dicks yay.


Chungky’s #3 – Mashima Taichi from Chihayafuru Season 1 | Episode 4


It actually took me a while to come up with my Top 3 relatable moments but the more I actually thought it about, the more it was like, BAM BAM BAM!

So for my no.3, I chose something that I think many people could kind of relate to. If not many people do, then I clearly have failed in the empathy department.

Taichi from Chihayafuru – Season 1, episode 4. When Taichi needed to go out and get Chihaya chocolate and ends up buying super-expensive chocolate because the horrid convenience store is closed.


I had this freaking scene on replay the first time I watched it because it was so absolutely, ridiculously funny and TRUE – especially when Taichi was  mumbling ‘GO-GODI,’ in disbelief. It’s like that disgustingly awkward moment where  you misread the price of something, only realise when the cashier says ‘GAZILLION.’ Did they say gazillion? No, BUT IT MIGHT AS WELL BE. But yet, you’re forced/pressured to get it anyway because somehow you’ll ‘look’ bad. No, no one should be getting pressured to do anything, but you still freaking feel that way anyway. I’ve lost count of how many times this has happened to me so it has clearly shown that I’m somewhat weak willed. Disgraceful…but yet…true.

It also kind of reminds me of this time where I was planning to do grocery shopping in a Tesco/Wal-mart kind of store but only freaking Waitrose/Harrod’s Food Hall/Whole Foods is open then I just go there goes my daily budget. Horrid, horrid, horrible.


So that’s it from the both of us this time! Chungky’s in charge of post #2 which will come out pretty soon; meanwhile, tell us in the comments below if you’ve had any anime/manga moments that you found you could relate to! =D

Till then, I’ll be teaching chungky to grow more of a backbone =_=

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