Applications(closed) and Suggestions Page



Welcome to MOB’s application and suggestions & questions ticket page. To participate in Manga Olympics for Bloggers – Spring/Summer 2013, please copy the format below and send us the completed form with your details!

What are the requirements?

1)       The event’s language of command will be in English. If your blog’s language medium is not English, you are still eligible to join; just make sure that the blog posts you submit to for the competition are in English. Your blog does not need to be purely dedicated to manga, just preferably with 5-10 posts with manga as its core topic already published. They won’t be judged, it’s just for us to know that you’ve actually written stuff on manga before.

2)       If your blog handles topics related to more adult material, this will not hinder your eligibility, just make sure the posts you submit to the event avoid the genres adult and hentai. This is to keep the competition more reader-friendly.

3)      You will need to submit a paragraph about your blog and trivia. Also, attach an image or logo or whatever that will be representing your blog. This will be used in the opening ceremony. Also, draw a a 125×125 pixel picture of a Olympic flame drawn using paint(the program), we’ll accumulate these pictures onto a large picture for jokes. So please make them hideous.

Join MOB!

^Name of Blog & web-address and twitter if you have one:
Manga Weekend –

^Bloggers participating and in which of the 4 registered categories: (Shounen, Shoujo, Seinen and Josei)
Chungky – Shoujo/Josei
Arawr – Ridiculous Genre/Shounen/Shoujo

^Paragraph about your blog & trivia (if you’re a blog less than a year old please tell us):
We’re a group of 25 delusional bloggers aged -8 to 37 years that enjoy traipsing around government property in our primary school uniforms and we sing the national anthem on an hourly basis snacking on churros.

^Please acknowledge that your blog and respective writers participating have read and understood the MOB’s rules and regulations:
We, [Chungky] & [arawr] have read and agreed to Manga Olympic for Blogger’s rules and regulations.

Just copy and paste your nicknames/blog and whatever in the bracket. We’re not trying to blackmail you into doing something, but making sure you have at least read the rules and regulations so we can warn you if you’re straying from them. We do not want a scenario of – “HEY I NEVER HEARD THAT BEFORE,” in our hands.

^Please state if you’re even mildly interested in hosting the next MOB:
No, why would anyone wanna do that. OMG TOTES!

Remember to attach your blog banner/logo onto this email as well as a 125×125 pixel picture of a Olympic flame drawn using paint(the program).

Manga Weekend will then send you a confirmation of your participation.


Fill the contact form below if you have any questions or suggestions and we’ll do our best to get back to you. Alternatively, you can email us at mangaweekend[AT]

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