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JustSharing: Oborocharms!

Macaroni and Cheese! It tortures me how I don’t have the time to update M.W as rarely as I use to. But sadness a-side, I’ll post a little something! So, I just want to share with you guys what I bought for Halloween this year to get into the spirit(even if I really was just with my friend surveying the university for filming locations and sitting in the library writing notes on Halloween day). Continue reading

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Figurine – Natsume Yujincho 1/8 Scale Pre-painted PVC Figure: Natsume Takashi by Alter

Product name: Natsume Yujin-Cho 1/8 Takashi Natsume Complete Figure

Manufacturer: Alter

Product Line: Altair

Original Title: Natsume Yujincho (Natsume’s Book of Friends)

Character(s): Natsume Takashi & Madara (Nyanko-sensei)

Copyright: Midorikawa Yuki, Hakusensha

Sculptor: Naoto Moriwaki & Mirano

Specifications: Complete Pre-painted PVC Figure
Size: appx. 180mm (1/8 scale)
Includes base

Release Date: 07/2010

Original Price: 7140 Yen (including tax)

From the heart-rending, nostalgic anime Natsume’s Book of Friends comes a beautiful new 1/8 scale statue of Takashi Natsume himself! Takashi, a boy born with a natural ability to see spirits, is posed on a super-detailed 3D base along with his companion, the spirit Madara, or Nyanko-sensei. Depicted taking it easy in a natural setting, everything from the ripples of the water (created with clear materials), to the moss on the tree have been faithfully reproduced. You can even detach the kimono Takashi has over his shoulder for more display possibilities.


Wooohooo! My first ever figurine and it’s marvelous I say! Extremely happy & very satisfied! I’ve scanned the front box cover (the first pic) and other illustrations on the box since they’re gorgeous and I’m sure you’ll all love them!

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Starry Sky – Sound Track (Japan Version) *UPDATED*

UPDATE: Several individuals have expressed interest in the Starry Sky Sound Track CD and since honeybee does not currently provide any track samples at the moment, I’ve decided to upload 3 songs’ samples and hopefully it’ll give you a taste of what to expect! Let’s all support Honeybee! Browse further in this post for the 3 song samples. I have uploaded them using SoudCloud and I’ve disabled the download option since this is copyrighted material.

Also, I’ve scanned the CD’s front & back cover as well as four pages for a little bit more quality. 


“All the time I would I think of those precious days when the seasons came around.

All of us laughed,

with lots of love for you.”*


Hey ho! I’m so happy that my YesAsia order has finally arrived after 2 whole weeks as promised!

I tweeted this one on M.W's Twitter!

I bought two items in this order which is Starry Sky’s BGM Sound Track & the Gakuen Alice Illustration Fan-book. Of course, as the post title suggests, I will be posting a few snapshots of my Starry Sky lovely in this post & I’ll cover the Gakuen Alice book in a separate post since I often confuse myself in extremely long posts(plus I get to increase M.W’s post count by cheating like this). I won’t go into a large amount of detail, just a couple of bits and pieces that I think is worth sharing.

Oh yes, forgive me for some blurry photos, photography isn’t exactly my forte and I was quite excited!

Here are some general info:

Seiza Kareshi Series : Starry Sky Sound Track – Hoshiiro Ongaku Shu – (Japan Version)

High Resolution

Release date: 2009-09-25

Company: HoneyBee

Language: Japanese

Publisher Product Code: HO-91

Package Weight: 100g



Original BGM soundtrack release from game & drama CD series “Starry Sky” featuring 35 tracks total.

Sweet memories, warm memories, the album delivers a melody for a number of  precious time spent with a particular character, including painful memories!

Note: This CD only contains the BGMs, the theme songs are NOT included. This is not the Anime’s OST CD. Continue reading


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The M. Weekend Shopper: Soho, London – Adanami Shobo

30 Brewer Street,

London W1F 0SS

020 7437 5238 ‎


Situated in Brewer Street, Soho, Adanami Shobo is a shop with it’s window display pasted with various manga & anime posters which have yellowed and which quality has been degraded through either sun exposure and simply time. At first glance, the shop’s sign is absolutely misleading, it is in fact still the sign of the ex-tenants or owners of the shop who were apparently dry-cleaners; the sign has been there well over many years.  Continue reading


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M.Weekend Shopper: Part 4


Manga March – Save 15% off of a purchase of $50 or more*.
Enter the code MANGALOVE at check out.
*Limit 2 uses per customer and some other restrictions may apply.
Expires: 3/14/2011


Japan Centre

Spend over £60 between Friday and Sunday and get free delivery to anywhere in the UK mainland. Read here for more details.




Japan Manga + Anime UT lines are on sale at GBP 6.99 on the website.

Naruto, Monster Hunter, Kokaku Kidoda Stand Alone Complex and Dragon Ball Z UT lines are on sale at GBP 9.99 on the website.

Big Bang UT Line is available in stores and online at at GBP 12.99.

Film “Norwegian Wood” UT Line is available in stores and online at Online offer running at GBP 9.99.


Sweet Illustrations line at GBP 9.99 online offer at

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M.W Shopper: Part 3

I won’t be doing as detailed posts like the last two since these items pop out constantly. I’ll be making these posts more brisk. Oh, if there are any hardcore High School Debut fans out there you should go get Betsuma 3, it has a High School Debut fan book and a Kimi ni Todoke DVD(with what I don’t know I just glanced at it in JapanCentre, I think it has something to do with the anime, bonuses I guess?).


photo via MunkyKing

An exclusive watch design by Luke Chueh. I was gonna add this into our Valentine’s Day posts but I forgot. There are only 150 pieces available so you better get yours if you want one! Available at Vannen Watches or MunkyKing. Retails at $88.00. Continue reading

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The M.Weekend Shopper: Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 4

Hey-ho! It feels like a while since we last posted part 3 so I’m feeling rather excited to welcome thee to Part 4 of our Valentine’s Day gift recommendations. There quite a few stuff to oogle at.

Now, now settle down.

YOU, coming in with a cup of coffee/tea, you’re late. I mean obviously I can’t see you, but if you were about to sit down with a cup of coffee/tea then spooky, slash exciting moment.

Now if you have no idea why you are reading this post(which happens to be highly unlikely), let moi fill you in. Let’s say, right here, right now, you’re pulling your hair out, down in the dumps or alternatively, you’re a witness to a scene which involves your own soul evaporating. Why? You have no idea what to get your love one maybe? You’re single but you just want to get into the Valentine spirit! (I admire your enthusiasm!) You want your baby to go gaga over you? You wanna gaga yourself. Well, our little cheekies, we’re here to help you.

Right, if you’d like to get up to speed, here are links to part 1, part 2 & part 3 . We’ve mildly revamped & prett-ify them further & we added additional items into part 3 since creating another post will make things messy.

You have photographic memory? Let’s get on with part 4! Coincidentally, the selection this time round carries a heavier price-tag and the whole special men’s selection is pretty deprived. Continue reading


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The M.Weekend Shopper: Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 3 *Inexpensive Thrills* UPDATED

Welcome back for the next part of M.W’s Valentine’s Day gifts! This is our inexpensive thrills edition where we try our best to offer items that do not pass the USD $20 mark. Being half broke doesn’t mean you can’t get good gifts – and that is why we’re here to help you!

If you didn’t realise already, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (o.k. there’s 3 weeks left but still) . Time to scout for gifts dear peeps. If you refuse to meddle with the affairs of the love-birds or love-birds in-making, maybe you can get these for yourself too.

*Update: I’ve added more recommendations instead of creating a new post. i think creating too many parts might be too messy.

Check out Part 1 & Part 2.

Here we go:

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M.W Shopper: Giri-Giri Stuff~ Part 2

Sorry for spamming M.W with shopping posts. We’re not turning into a shopping blog, but I think that these posts might helpful because personally, I like being updated about this stuff(oops, personal feelings seeping in). I think it’s fantastic that we can get anime/manga inspired items, items that is not necessarily linked directly with anime/manga but things we can wear/use/decorate or whatever, things that are not restricted to just tankōbon or cosplay items – things that we can also cherish in every-day life with some good anime/manga inspiration.

Anyway, giri-giri stuff must be done ASAP, or else you guys might cry by the time things are sold out. Lol. Unlikely I guess. Not unlikely for me. LOL.

In this part 2 post we’re featuring UniQlo clothing for him & her, here we go:

For Him




The latest installment in the action game series “Monster Hunter” has been released in Japan! In this game, players take on the task of hunting huge monsters. While keeping the feel of the “Monster Hunter” series alive, this game is filled with new element monsters, new regions, and Yukumo Village, which boasts an ambiance of its own. It is time to embark on a quest to these new hunting grounds with your hunting partners and the new, powered-up Felyne Comrades!

M.W: This collection seems to be U.K exclusive & it only has a men’s line. I’ll update this post again if I find out that it’s available elsewhere. It’s a very fun collection! Even if you do not play Monster Hunter, its a really nice T-shirt to toss on. Selling out fast as with the Naruto collection. Continue reading


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M.W Shopper: Giri-Giri Stuff~ Part 1

Our first M.Weekend Shopper – Giri-Giri edition! Why giri-giri? Giri-giri is an expression for English equivalents such as “just made it” & “close call.” We aim to slot various limited edition merchandise that we think are interesting in this shopping post.

Just a note: Most of the merchandise that we update you on are usually anime/manga inspired.

Hope you’ll find this helpful!

For Him:

Naruto x UT (UniQlo Printed T-Shirts)

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