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Manga Olympics for Bloggers Deadline Extension~


Hello everyone, as the post title states, we are extending the deadline extension for the event to the 7th of June. I repeat, the 7th of June. We sincerely apologise for this, especially to everyone who has promptly sent in their applications before the original deadline, even when we knew there would be a high possibility of extension.

Say what

Say what

One of the reasons for this extension is because some bloggers have expressed their interests, but are unable to make it for the previous dates. Another is because there are others who have mentioned signing up for MOB, but have yet to send in formal applications. We hope that by extending the deadline, we will be able to get more bloggers in to make this an even bigger event!

However, we assure you that this will be the one and only extension, and we will be starting the event regardless on the 10th of June. 

Please refer to the original event post here.

There is also an ongoing discussion about merging the four competitive categories into two big categories – combining shoujo/josei and shounen/seinen. We know this is blasphemous and absolutely unfair to merge but currently, applications are going mainly towards shoujo/shounen/seinen, leaving josei a very lonely category. Although there are ideas of splitting it into two groups, we still hope that this will not cause a significantly negative impact on MOB. If you have any suggestions on this, e.g. splitting to seinen/shounen/josei and shoujo instead or something, do let us know. We need all the input we can get to make MOB a memorable and fun experience!

in a box

This post in a box

New application date: 7th June

New starting date: 10th June

Changes TBD: The merging of the seinen and shounen categories, as well as the josei and shoujo categories. (Therefore there will be only 2 main categories for MOB)

we would never say thisWe really hope to reach out to bloggers who have already submitted their applications about this. To those who have submitted their applications and wish to withdraw from the event because of the new dates, we absolutely understand! We sincerely apologise and will respond to any questions/queries/complaints anyone might have.

Also, as we mentioned before, there are a high number of potential participants that have yet to send in their applications, so if you guys are still interested, we’ll be very happy to have you! We also ask of you guys to promote the event as much as you can because frankly, the more the merrier even though we might bash each others heads in the process! =D



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Manga Weekend Hosts – Manga Olympics for Bloggers (MOB) | Spring/Summer 2013




And thus! After consulting arawr (who helped me gather all my thoughts and rants together and basically rewrote this whole post), Manga Weekend will be hosting a very ambitious manga blogging event – Manga Olympics for Bloggers, Spring-Summer 2013. The official start date shall be the 3rd June 2013, this date has a EXTREMELY HIGH possibility of changing. So keep in mind that it should start sometime in June.

So like any normal Olympics, we kind of need participants to participate (doh) so, um, please do. Depending on the amount of bloggers that sign up, the format of the event would be a tourney-styled or just a free for all. Seeing as this whole event is quite dependent on its participants, it would be great if you could fully commit during the duration of the event once you’ve signed up. We’ll pretty much run through how we’ve planned things out so far, and are open to suggestions so don’t forget to leave a comment below as well =D

If your blog focuses more on anime rather than manga, we hope that you’ll still join/encourage and support your sister manga blogging community! Continue reading


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Proposal: Manga Olympics for Bloggers(MOB) – A Manga Blogging Olympics


These past few months, as a manga & anime blogger, I’ve been reading news/opinions from various platforms about the death of manga.

Do I mean the industry? Yes.

What about manga blogging? Yes.

Wait, did you say yes to both questions, yes? Yes.

Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Manga Weekend!

Just as the post title says! Happy Birthday Manga Weekend! Strictly speaking it was yesterday since its already pass 12 am but it’s alright since the Americas is still on the 28th well…yeah. Anyway, we are now officially a year old! What initially was a dusty wardrobe for the first two months has now involved to be a pimped up room which we Manga Weekenders here love very much! Arawr and I are so very happy to have started this blog out even if Arawr was all “I don’t think we have time dude” on me about it at the beginning. Well, we still don’t have time, but we somehow we manage to keep the blog alive(barely)!

I really wanted to prepare a little something to commemorate the event but Arawr and I are still busy like a baws! In any case, THANK YOU to all who have stuck by us and welcome to our new visitors! With the current size and support we’re getting, we just might have our very own domain!

This is Chungky signing out.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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2NE1TV LIVE: WORLDWIDE Premieres on MNET July 17th!

Hello everyone! MARK YOUR DATES.

We have something special to share with you today about an upcoming reality TV show –  ‘2NE1TV LIVE: WORLDWIDE’  about the hawt Korean Pop-Group 2NE1 which will premiere on Mnet, the ultimate TV network on for Asian Culture. Continue reading

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Summer Anime 2011! *Updated

*6/6/2011: Updated! As usual, all credits go to moetron – it’ll also be more reliable to get the updates from there so go check it out from time to time =)

Btw Nyanpire the Animation looks too bloody cute to be true


Hello my dearies! How’s all the Spring Anime 2011 holding up for you? Sucks? Neutral? Absolutely mind-blasting? Well whatever it is, once more we can look forward to the next season’s lineup – Summer 2011!

This lineup isn’t complete, it’s just what’s been announced so far. And, as usual, I just rip it off moetron lol

Let’s see…. I know Chungky is suuuuper looking forward to Natsume Yuujin-Chou San, and I myself am really excited for Usagi Drops (highly recommended slice-of-life manga!) I’ve also been pretty curious about Blood-C ever since I heard of it a couple of months back, especially since its a new anime by CLAMP.

I seriously can’t wait for the Air Gear OAD either – Air Gear’s one of the awesomest reads I’ve come across, and when it’s all animated and everyone’s jumping all over the place… Wheeeeeeeeee….. 😄

There’s quite a lot of movies I am seriously digging as well – Heart no Kuni Alice and FMA: Milos no Seinaru Hoshi in particular… Gahhh we we we so excitedddd..!!

Well looks like this won’t be a boring summer at least =D

Howz bout yo faves? 😄

-arawr >=3

Btw I’ll be taking a backseat to the blogging front while I’m preparing for my exams, so allow chungky to accommodate you until the end of May =3 


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Moshidora Live-Action Film!

Well now. Moshi Koukou Yakyuu no Joshi Manager ga Drucker no Management wo Yondara, or (since hardly anybody would be able to memorize that) more commonly known as Moshidora, has ended. Ironically, although it was one of the last (if not the last) anime to start airing this spring, it has now finished. Done. Adapted from the top-selling book of the year by Natsumi Iwasaki, 10 episodes flew past us in about 2 weeks while the rest that started ages ago have just reached half that. Oh well.

Anyway I really did like Moshidora. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with it or anything, but it was a nice high school baseball anime drama. It was a nice change in the sense that instead of trying to strengthen the team by pumping their players up or coming up with awesomely wicked strategies, they tackled it through management. The whole thing was kinda predictable and the OP was a tad bit annoying but whatever. It was enjoyable.

So enjoyable (and popular), in fact, that it’s being adapted into a live-action film on 4th July, 2011.

Produced by Akimoto Yasushi and starring Maeda Atsuko from AKB48 as Kawashima Minami (the whole film is pretty AKB48 centric), I suppose it’s going to just be a repeat of everything that we’ve already watched. Except that it’s, you know. Live-action.

And I have to say, when I saw the pitcher dude who’s acting as Asano – for some reason, I thought… “Wow. He really looks like he just stepped out from some 80’s baseball manga.” Does anyone else share this feeling or is it just me??

Wish I could say more but have to get back to studies now. Just really felt like sharing this =P


The Official Website

Tokyo Graph

Nippon Cinema

and inevitably,



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