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Manga Weekend Hosts – Manga Olympics for Bloggers (MOB) | Spring/Summer 2013




And thus! After consulting arawr (who helped me gather all my thoughts and rants together and basically rewrote this whole post), Manga Weekend will be hosting a very ambitious manga blogging event – Manga Olympics for Bloggers, Spring-Summer 2013. The official start date shall be the 3rd June 2013, this date has a EXTREMELY HIGH possibility of changing. So keep in mind that it should start sometime in June.

So like any normal Olympics, we kind of need participants to participate (doh) so, um, please do. Depending on the amount of bloggers that sign up, the format of the event would be a tourney-styled or just a free for all. Seeing as this whole event is quite dependent on its participants, it would be great if you could fully commit during the duration of the event once you’ve signed up. We’ll pretty much run through how we’ve planned things out so far, and are open to suggestions so don’t forget to leave a comment below as well =D

If your blog focuses more on anime rather than manga, we hope that you’ll still join/encourage and support your sister manga blogging community! Continue reading


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Proposal: Manga Olympics for Bloggers(MOB) – A Manga Blogging Olympics


These past few months, as a manga & anime blogger, I’ve been reading news/opinions from various platforms about the death of manga.

Do I mean the industry? Yes.

What about manga blogging? Yes.

Wait, did you say yes to both questions, yes? Yes.

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A Dash of Spring Anime 2012!

Since I just did the Winter Anime post, and I’ve got some free time now I just thought that I’d quickly add a dash of Spring since it’s a pretty short list for now =D I’m sure we’ll live through the next year to be able to watch it since I don’t believe in a 2012 apocalypse, but just in case… everyone pray with me.

As usual, main source is FanSubWiki. Enjoy!

Kimi to Boku Season 2

J.C. Staff, TV Tokyo

The story follows the lives of four teenage boys who have known each other for most of their lives. Their friendship has its ups and downs, but they remain close into high school. A half-Japanese transfer student joins their group and adds a new dynamic to the everyday adolescent friendships depicted in this comedic anime.

Well if any of you are wondering ‘heck, they’ve already prepared a second season?’; the whole series has apparently been split into two seasons with 13 episodes each. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s a shoujo slice-of-life that has everything but explicitly announced shounen-ai. Or it might pull a No. 6 on me and really turn out to be a kinda sorta partial shounen-ai for shiz. It’s pretty good though so far, worth a watch if you like those everyday life kinda stories =)

Official Source ANN

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A Handful of Winter Anime 2011/2012 =)

So from our stats here at MW, it’s pretty much blatantly, in-your-face obvious that most people frequent our blog for all the upcoming anime, so here I’ll give a small dose of what’s to come in Winter this/next year. Enjoy!

Btw, as usual, my main source is from FanSubWiki. Good starting point to look for new anime! =D



Toei Animation, Web Stream (12/10)

In a world where boundary between human and yokai worlds is no longer distinguishable, 3 different groups pursue for power. What is Count of Reality and Destruction of Negentrophy? Koto, a high school girl who got out of maze of Java Work, chases the shadow of “Kuro Usagi (Black Rabbit)”. This is a story surrounding various people chasing Kuro Usagi in Kyoto, where time has stopped.

Okay everyone, P-L-E-A-S-E watch the PV if you feel that life is worth living. Don’t let the 5 minutes be a total turn-off, from the moment it started I felt like it really captured me. There’s the music, the animation and just the whole atmosphere that just makes it already feel like a wonderful anime. So please watch the PV and share my sentiments 😄

Official ANN MAL

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News: Visual Scene Magazine

Hello, everyone.

This might be of some interest to you:

It is acknowledged that the world is no short of Japanese culture enthsiasts out there, therefore, a new Japanese pop-culture magazine entitled ‘Visual Scene’ has recently been launched world-wide in English. The magazine was previously only available in Polish but due to demand, a global English version was introduced with the aim to unify all the Japanese culture lovers out there.

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