Manga Weekend is a space of anime and manga appreciation. We mostly do reviews, whether by our own sudden desire to share what we thought of ABC manga or by your requests to give feedback on 123 anime. We try our best to remove as much content as review-ly possible from our reviews so that we don’t… well… spoil everything for you.

We’ll also be throwing in some rants and random musings occasionally in an attempt to show that our life doesn’t completely revolve around manga and anime (it doesn’t. Really.).

Our current Regular Topics:

Manga Reviews Self explanatory

Manga-Talk reserved for posts that are strictly manga related, polls and discussions will also be featured in this post.

One-Shot for the Weekend A one-shot we recommend for a
lovely weekend + a short review.

Mushroom Manga – Our manga discoveries or manga that we follow. A post for us to spread the spores of a manga’s awesome-ness when we’re simply not ready to write a proper review.

Anime Amped! – Our anime discoveries, anime that we follow or our first impression posts are tucked under this title.

The M.Weekend Shopper: ‘X-Y-Z’ where we or guest shoppers from around the globe scout for shops where we find interesting manga/anime trickets & talk a little bit about them. Our recommendations for gifts is also filed under this post.

Mangaka of the MonthOur chosen mangaka of the month & why.

some random postsour magnificent random posts which in some way relates to the blog.

The M.Weekenders (contributors, if you’re interested…)


Admin of the Manga Weekend, my roots for this addicting wave of  Japanese influence started with vague memories of Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Pokemon and Digimon. I love fashion, acting, manga and one day I hope to merge them all into one. I am willing to try variety of genres of anime/manga but I am primarily an avid lover of shoujo manga.


Okay, I’ll mainly be editing and proofreading articles even without a major in English Literature =D I got to know Chungky better in the forest (literally) where we bonded over our love for manga and online games! I won’t be doing as many reviews but if there are any it’ll all probably be on shounen (not that much of a shoujo fan, really). I think I might just end up ranting the most and I really like cats >=3


If i had to choose a sin out of the 7 deadly sins, it would be gluttony! (okay..maybe lust as well) Anyway! I’ll be covering most of the lifestyle posts in M.W! This includes food and shopping goodies. I love to travel and hunt for kawaii items in my journey (it feels like a treasure hunt for me, & the best part is whenever I managed to get some cool items at cheap price!) Yes, I’m a typical cheapskate you will ever know, but heyyy! Thumbs up for cheap items! My main goal is to share my favourites to M.W readers and hope that you guys would gain a decent review from me, as there’s the saying “Sharing is Caring” ❤ Love Patty.

Join the Manga Weekend Team!

Manga Weekend has blossomed into a rather busy blog ever since our launch late last year(2010). Manga Weekend has surpassed both Arawr and I’s expectations and with the increased viewership and we hope to spread our wings even further(kind of a weird thought, growing bigger wings…). If you’re interested in writing for Manga Weekend, pop us an email and we hope to get back to you. We’d love to have new blood in running in our veins(the night when dos becomes uno). We’re also interested in individuals who would like to join us in contributing less conventional posts such as updates on manga magazines.

Here is our very simple criteria:

1) Unique individual in pen and thought.

2) A good grasp of writing skills. (We drift in between what I would call professionalism & a personal, bloggy blog style, depending on the post topic.)

How do you apply?

Send us an email with the following details:

Title: Join Manga Weekend

1) Preferred name. Time zone or country.

2) Attach a piece of your writing, anime/manga related.

3) What do you wish to do if you joined Manga Weekend? (Apart being incredibly awesome)

4) What are genres of manga/anime that you like? What are a few manga/anime that you like? (We’d like to know you’re human…even if Arawr isnt…)

5) Anything else you would like to add? It can be totally random.

We do not accept all applications but don’t let that scare you. We look forward in hearing from you!


You can contact us regarding any link exchanges, contribution queries or whether we prefer chocolate or vanilla by commenting in any post or by dropping us an email at mangaweekend@gmail.com.