Rules and Regulations


  • Posts submitted to the event must be in English.
  • Posts must be about manga – you may mention anime, but the main focus of your posts must revolve around manga.

    Example of things that won't be approved

    Example of words that won’t be approved

  • Only one post per blogger for each category

  • Respect your fellow bloggers (so no flaming, slandering or profanities. Be nice!)
  • No offensive content is allowed, e.g. no racism etc.
  • These rules simply apply to the post submissions entered into this event. So if your blog handles things/topics related to scanlations/adult material, this will not hinder your eligibility; just make sure the posts you submit to the event nods to these rules. This is to keep the competition more reader-friendly and we do not want to upset publishers.
  • Don’t go blatantly mentioning your usage of scanlation groups, regardless of whether its licensed, copyrighted or otherwise. So please don’t mention things like “Chungky’s Bizarre Adventures has been scanlated and can be found here”. You can, however, discuss them in a detached manner if that’s an issue you want to tackle in a post.
  • Do not try to make profit out of the event.
  • Participating bloggers, please be tactful in approving comments.

In the case of  any violation of the rules and regulations, we will not approve the post as a legitimate entry for competition. If there is any content that disregard the rules or regulations after we have approved the post, a warning will be sent to you to remove it. We are not planning to be Nazi Germany (OR ARE WE?), but do show your blogsmanship to make this an enjoyable event for all.