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Monthly Lala 09/2011~

Been wanting to blog all week but my brain just keeps farting and I just come up with noob drafts. Anyway, behold, my mouth-watering friends – Takashi sparkles on the cover of Lala 9! It’s a very nice wispy cover! Kudos to Midorikawa Yuki! I’ve pierced together Lala 8 and Lala 9 together in the image below to show you lot that they’re actually connected! Continue reading


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Monthly Lala 06/2011~

Hello! How are you?

Okay, well, back to me. Jokes. Here we have the Lala June issue for this year with The Wolf King’s Bride taking the covet role of being on the cover – it seems although they’re always in that pose. Regardless, its pretty!


Not much new news, but I think this deserves a mention. I think everybody knows already but there will be a special chapter of La Corda D’Oro in the July issue. I am, however a bit skeptical that it’s about Len and Kahoko.

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Toradora Vol 1


Author: Yuyuko Takemiya

Artist: Zekkyo

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shounen

Status: Ongoing

Ryuji Takasu has learned the hard way that appearances can be deceiving. Despite his inwardly sweet personality, his unintentionally sharp gaze and aggressive features give him the air of a delinquent thug, putting his chances at making friends, let alone a girlfriend, next to zero.

It’s Ryuji’s first day in junior high school and it seems as if things are looking up. He gets to sit in between his only friend, Yusaku, and, more importantly, the girl he’s secretly crushing on, Minori Kushieda. But just when he thinks the stars are aligned in his favor, he unwittingly crosses the most feared girl in school, Taiga Aisaku, making her onto his arch enemy. To top it off, Taiga has moved in right next door to Ryuji and happens to be Minori’s best friend! Can this school year possibly get any worse?!

Seven Seas


I watched Toradora! a few days back and it seems inevitable for me to compare both form’s versions. In fact, I could basically call my little review here a comparison between both! Anyways, Toradora –  it’s about time I read a shounen manga which has love as it’s main theme. Either there aren’t that many or I just didn’t try looking for one, the latter being the more accurate. Well, I’ve never read that much shounen manga to begin with anyway.

The story follows two very misunderstood characters with very self-contradicting names and how they try win their crushes’ hearts. We also see them trying to battle their community imposed social positions within the school-o-sphere which is really quite entertaining! The overall plot-line follows a rather predictable(or if you’d like to use a fancier word, ‘classic’) plot-line and is what I call ‘the shounen way of getting couples together.’ By leading the winning pair into the unoptional hilarious scenarios which undoubtably, always work. Continue reading


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Random. Aimless. Nonsensical. Talk.

Here at Manga Weekend – since we’re always having our manga break – we never do our homework.

Well, okay, we do. Just not on time.

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Tribute: Nujabes – Rest in Beats



(Seba Jun)

February 7, 1974 – February 26, 2010

Now it might seem distant but the time is near
When our thoughts take off and split the atmosphere
Pure sound wave travel semi-infinitely
Plus I’ll see you there utmost definitely

-luv (sic)

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

***chungky: sorry this post is running late, my fault! I didn’t manage to edit it last night! If you’re in Asia, I guess this is pretty much er, pointless. If you’re in Europe, er, well, you’ve got a couple more hours. If you’re in the Americas, er, well erm. Yes. Enjoy this post by arawr. For gags really! ***

———-arawr starting now.

If you’re thinking right now ‘holy crap, it’s the 14th of February and I think it’s an important date but I can’t for the life of me remember what the heck it is’, then allow me to enlighten you if every single shop you’ve come across hasn’t been shoving it into your face.

It’s Valentine’s Day.

Still haven’t got a gift? That special, precious gift for your one and only? That one token that may or may not make or break what you want to, or already have with that one (or two, or three, or four, or five) person(s)?

Fear not.

The commercial world has been structured to help you out, and so have we. So here are 5 last minute gifts from the one of the most non-romantic, practical people that have the audacity to populate the earth – me. Continue reading

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I’m so stressed right now it’s not even funny. I don’t why I’m using M.Weekend as a rant square, but yar. It’s just an excuse to put up this picture, some tamago nigiri is always good for the soul when you’re down in the dumps. Been working on this essay for 10 hours and well, I got 4 hours something left before the deadline. Once I obtain some air from my academic life, I’ll post a few pics of Betsuma/Bessatsu Margaret 12/2010 & Asuka 02/2011, not sure whether I’ll post Asuka, I might leave it behind in London. Well, I better continue my essay. Oh yar, what’s really bothering me is that I lost my rail-card & my university ID. I hope they turn up miraculously.

P.S I just got hold of the Starry Sky Anime song ending!!! It’s lovely.


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Happy 2011~!!

Oh-kay I’m kind of back in commision after a little *ahem* over a week in London and meeting up with quite a huge portion of my old schoolmates (Chungky included!) for Christmas and the New Year but I’m back now!

So. I’m about 5 days late (6 days, according to the right side of the world where HOME is…) but HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It better be an awesome one since according to the Mayans we’re all going to die next year in 2012. Well, technically speaking, something like 1 year and 11 months since the date is December 20 something =P

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Some Starry Sky~ *Updated*

the lazy bug has gotten me. i’ve postponed many things til this weekend. anyways i was going through my dashboard then suddenly somebody posted a link to an otome game – starry sky in spring. i’ve always been darn curious about otome games, its one of those things u must do in life. LOL. its 3.31am atm and i’m going to bed soon but here’s some screenies. kanata is basically the stubborn one, suzuya is the mature grown up and yoh is tat quiet/loner acid mouth.

kanata u so mean~!

with the responses i used in the game i kept ending up with suzuya.

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Merry Christmas~!

Merry Christmas everyone! Chungky’s probably too busy eating minced pies or something so I’ll take care of this Christmas post =D

When I think about Christmas I think about this video… a video that has historical significance with Chungky and I, so I’ll post it up!

We used to dance to it (Chungky made me) and I didn’t realise they were Christmas trees until somone pointed it out directly. Oh well.

Merry Christmas!

-arawr >=3

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