2NE1TV Live Worldwide Sneak Preview: “I Welcome You to My World, 2-N-E-1!”

Last friday (15/07/12), Manga Weekend had the opportunity to attend an sneak preview of 2NE1TV Live Worldwide which was held in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. You might understand that Arawr and I aren’t in the U.S.A so we engaged our friend and ally, Amelie, who stays in L.A to enjoy the exclusive preview and guest blog for us!

Here we go!

 The 2NE1TV Live Worldwide sneak preview was held in the CGV Cinema in Korea town and began at around 7:45 p.m. pacific time. My partner on this mission and I began our quest to the sneak preview as soon as we could in the crowded city of Los Angeles. Fans of 2NE1 were lined up patiently outside the venue, while workers frantically ran around making sure everything was well prepared. During the wait, people were cheering, waving their arms in the air, and singing along to the music; a camera man continued to escalate up and down the stairs to get shots of the fans as they waved to the camera and shouted their love to 2NE1. 

When things settled down, a speaker came out in front and addressed the crowd; then, to kick start the night, she asked a a few hardcore fans of 2NE1 to come down to sing or dance for a chance to win gift cards to CGV – which I got all on camera, ho ho ho, so be sure to check that out below:

The preview started with members of 2NE1 walking into a room for individual interviews. With their flamboyant and bubbly personalities, they each talked about their own growth, the changes, and their thoughts on the beginning of their lives in the entertainment world. The scenes were often cut to flashbacks of the previous season of funny events and events they mentioned in their interview.

There were so many humorous parts in the preview that were made more hilarious along with the cleverly editing of the clips. What I think I loved most about 2NE1TV is that it doesn’t show us the ‘super famous 2NE1,’ instead it shows the lives of CL, Dara, Minzy, and Bom. Four unique people who are living out their lives, but really aren’t different from you and I. With this preview I fell in love with the 2NE1 members and I guarantee if you watch 2NE1TV ‎you’ll love them even more as people than as artists.

As a bonus, the host of this event came out and had prizes for people who could answer a few questions from the preview that they had prepared. Miraculously, my hand shot up in the air and I won a dandy little notebook~!

On our way out, there was a camera where we all said hello to since 2NE1 would be seeing it themselves! I waved frantically at the cameras, and other fans screamed “사랑해요!” (I love you) as well as words of encouragement.

Outside, my friend and I both agreed we were now bigger fans of 2NE1 now then we were when we had first walked in. Who can’t help but love those girls? There is so much more I want to write but I fear that it will be too much so let me just say: Everyone, be sure to check out 2NE1TV on MNET! You won’t regret it!

And thank you MNET and Manga Weekend for giving me this opportunity!


Thank you MNET America for organising this fabulous event and thank you to Amelie for being our guest blogger!

Be sure to check out 2NE1TV LIVE: WORLDWIDE on MNET

Visit the Mnet Facebook page here and their website here.

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