Top Anime Moments We Can Relate To Part 2 – Our Second Choice~

Greetings, this is Chungky, and welcome to part 2 of our Top 3 Anime Moments – presenting our second  choices. Our first foray was unexpected entitled “Nah’ mean Nah’ mean” by arawr if y’all haven’t noticed. Check that out, it had our 3rd choices in it.

Please find my 2nd choice below:

Tonari no Kaibutsukun – Episode 2 | When Shizuku questions Asako’s life on the internet.


Okay, this is a bit of a personal kind of a relation but I think many people have kind-of experienced this sometime in their lives, especially when we’re all caught up with the internet. Of all the characters in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, I associate myself with Natsume Asako the most, mainly because of the fact that she loves her internet life just as much as I love mine. It’s really like those times where I’m like, really, really enjoying myself online and like, someone just doesn’t get it.


These kind of people are often ridiculed to have ‘no lives.’ I spent a lot of time as an early teen living in online games and really spending the majority of my time online and I often do think – ‘hey am I really wasting my life away in front of a screen?‘ But after all these years, I think otherwise.


Personally, I did not have horrid people tell me ‘I don’t have a life,’ they would honestly really receive a good beating from me(literally) and the fact that I was very lucky to be part of a very strong crowd. However, I do know of people who are victims of this alienation. So when this part of the ani-manga addressed this aspect that I find so close to my life, I really enjoyed every moment because it was so true for me. I mean sure, people are all concerned about how ‘kids’ are stuck indoors playing games and whatever and not being active and whatever, and sure you should maintain a balanced lifestyle, but why be ridiculed for it whether its bad or not.

My manifesto has always been – if it makes you happy, then there really is nothing wrong. Of course, that doesn’t include bullying/stealing/murdering people if you know what I mean. Looking back at my game obsessed life, I really regret none of it, I had so much fun and who’s to decide what a perfect life would be? Everybody has that something that makes them happy, something they’re a little more obsessed and to me, Asako, you are perfectly fine, and your courage to admit it makes you my hero.

So people, never be ashamed of whatever you like, whatever it may-be! But, try to strive for a balanced life!

arawr’s #2 – Dark Flame Master from Chuunibyou

So my number 2 is from Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai. For those of you who haven’t watched it, it’s basically about a dude (Togashi Yuuta) in high school who wants to forget his ‘chuunibyou’ past (Dark Flame Master). Chuunibyou can be roughly translated into an early teen who does really embarrassing things such as calling themselves Dark Flame Master.

Gosh this anime really hit home.

I really, really enjoyed Chuunibyou. It’s a really good anime, and I couldn’t stop laughing. But 3 episodes into it, and I just couldn’t watch anymore. It was just way, way, way too embarrassing to continue. 30% of the time I was laughing because of the ridiculous situations, and for the remaining 70% I felt like laughing and hiding under the covers and never leaving my house ever again because I felt like I could relate too much to how ex – Dark Flame Master felt.

Oh God why

I have a past I want to hide

I’m sure there’re plenty of adults out there who’ve done a lot of things they wished they could forget and just bury forever, and I’m pretty sure the majority of those incidents were when they were between 13-16. Similarly, there’s a lot of things I’ve done in my past that I just wish never happened. I mean, I never did anything as extreme as Dark Flame Master, but that embarrassment when I think of what I did back then – there is just wayyy too much I’ve said and done that seemed cool and acceptable in around 2004-2007 that I just…

…Oh God why

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