Some Starry Sky~ *Updated*

the lazy bug has gotten me. i’ve postponed many things til this weekend. anyways i was going through my dashboard then suddenly somebody posted a link to an otome game – starry sky in spring. i’ve always been darn curious about otome games, its one of those things u must do in life. LOL. its 3.31am atm and i’m going to bed soon but here’s some screenies. kanata is basically the stubborn one, suzuya is the mature grown up and yoh is tat quiet/loner acid mouth.

kanata u so mean~!

with the responses i used in the game i kept ending up with suzuya.

lady b u so funny.  suzuya can cook really well ya know. here he is, working his magic.

suzuya u so caringgg! i’m starving! y eu so nice.

woah. then i received a zoom-in shot. here’s suzuya suddenly becoming a flirt. i havent gotten any yoh scenes. this game has made me chuckle quite a bit. !

grouppppp shotttttt. we’re all besties now. overall theres not much game play involved. its more like story-telling o.o. i’d understand if u’d just wanna quit and play FFVII or sumthing. well hope everyone’s having a fantastic holiday!!!


here are the links to where i downloaded both the game and english patch :)))

(Otome Game) Starry Sky In Spring

(Otome) Starry Sky~In Spring~ FULL English patch

patch by OGE.


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11 responses to “Some Starry Sky~ *Updated*

  1. Charly

    Hey, please,please,please tell me where i can buy or download or receive this game in english >_.<

  2. Charly

    i would be so happy in my entire life >.<

    • heyyyyyyy. i downloaded an english patch made by OGE and i heard u cant locate or identify them or sumthing. i’ll add the links to where i got both the game and patch onto this post :)))

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  4. bikachama

    OMG >___< is there a manga for it ? xxD

    • yes there is!!! its a series of one-shots with the heroine getting with a different guy in each one.! its called starry sky – after season 🙂 art by kirikuchi karashi .

  5. PAMPI


  6. PAMPI

    im dieing to play this game hereT_T
    hey addme on msn okie? i need to ask u some questions about this game
    or if u can can u send me the patch through msn?x.x
    ive been trying to get this game in english version since a week now x.x

  7. pampi

    hey can u find any other season’s english patch?:D(autumn,summer or winter) if u find any plz mail me on my msn x.x

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