Lala DX 03/2011 ~

*Spoilers alert*

*I updated this post with additional photos*

We have Yashio to Mikumo by Kusakawa Nari gracing the cover of Lala DX 03/2011!!!

Hello there everyone, I’ve just had one of the worst days in this year but everythings going to be alright! I have faith! Today is also the day my order arrived, I’m expecting the 2nd shipment to be arriving tomorrow since today was an early delivery. In this shipment I got Lala DX 3, Lala 4 & Asuka 4. I will be covering Lala 4 sometime this week and if the world depends on it, I’ll take some snaps of my Asuka 4 too. I don’t scan my stuff even though my scanner sits right next to me xD. A camera is so much easier plus my magazines don’t have to undergo any form of torture Lol.

First few advertising pages of Lala DX. Honestly, I almost died from happiness overload when I saw all these Gakuen Babysitter’s merchandise!!! It’s currently my favourite serialisation !!!

I remember not being enthralled when I read the first chapter of Natsume’s Book of Friends but I’ve just started watching Natsume’s Book of Friends after I discovered that season 3 is announced. I need to try reading the manga again. If a manga is able to pull-off 3 seasons, it must be pretty good stuff. I mean, what happened to Ouran High School Host Club & Fruits Basket? Oh yes, I’D LOVE TO OWN THOSE BoF stuff in the picture above toooo!

This is the freebie of this issue of Lala DX, something to do with Tohko Mizuno once again, I’ve already lost count how many Tohko Mizuno freebies there are offered by the last few issues of Lala DX. This is a school calender as you can see. You can actually make it stand and etc but I didn’t take a photo of that sorry!

The cover of the calender stand, you flip it open and voila! Character data!

The calender starts from April this year and ends at March next year.

They’re really pretty illustrations, definitely a nice calender to have sitting on your desk, I thought about carrying them around in my bag but then I remembered I had the Lala pop-up calender(being neglected).

Now let me flip out some photos of the serialisations of this issue!

Here’s a little content guide if you find it helpful.

10 Featured serialisations:

  • Yashio to Mikumo  by Kusakawa Nari
  • Koi dano Ai dano by Tsujita Ririko
  • A 16 page(including cover) side story of Gakuen Babysitters by Tokeino Hari. This created Lala DX history with the pages featured in 2 colours! Very pretty!!!
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime by Akizuki Sorata <— Obi in action! Fu-yohhh!
  • Mikado no Shihou  by Nakano Emiko
  • Mochi Mochi no Kamisama by Morio Masami
  • Uchi no Pochi no Iu Koto ni wa  by Tachibana Yutaka
  • Present wa Shinju  by Saitou Ken
  • Shounen Dolls  by Hibiki Wataru
  • Momoyama Kyo–dai  by Fujitsuka Yuki

List of authors for the one-shots & others, note: I did not list down the gag panel artists:

Hayashi Mikase,Tsukimiya An, Oomura Shiyou, Ishihara Keiko, Tsukioka Yasuko, Kei Kawaguchi, Junko Ike, Shin Shinmoto,Yoko Nogiri


Here we have Koi dano Ai dano by Tsujita Ririko.

It’s one of the few shoujo manga that has a heroine wearing glasses lately.

Here are shots of the 16 page Gakuen Babysitters fairytale extra. They really did a good job pretti-fying the pages by just adding one more colour!

More shots for Gakuen Babysitters since I love it so much, special service. Doesn’t Ryuuichi look really good with that ensemble of clothes?

A huge wave of cute-ness engulfs my soul. That is all I can say.


A photo of Yashio to Mikumo by Kusakawa Nari.

Mikado no Shihou by Nakano Emiko.

Momoyama Kyo–dai  by Fujitsuka Yuki!!! Yeaaaaaaa!!!

A page from Momoyama Kyo-dai.

Someones not happy…Akagami no Shirayuki-hime by Akizuki Sorata.

A sneak peak. Lots of stuff happening to continue from that previous cliff-hanging chapter!

Present wa Shinju  by Saitou Ken. :)))

Mochi Mochi no Kamisama by Morio Masami. Aw~

Shounen Dolls by Hibiki Wataru

My desk being overloaded.

Til’ the next post peeps! Enjoy!


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10 responses to “Lala DX 03/2011 ~

  1. Kyaaaaa~ Gakuen Babysitters!! I just read it a few days ago, so cuteeee~~

    • I KNOW. love the designs of all the kids! it has a different taste of shoujo which i really like, but its my first ‘child’ themed manga so im not sure how it compares to others

  2. emysan83

    Squeeee~ I’m so glad you posted this! I’m looking forward to LALA 4 (and Asuka 4 if you have time^^)
    And i’m sorry you had such a bad day 😦
    Best wishes-

    • awww thanks! i recover quite fast or at least i hope so!
      real glad you like the post!
      i think im gonna re-take that huge gakuen babysitter pic in the beginning cuz its so friggin blurry ,_,
      probably add some overall as well…

  3. I like that freebie you got 😀 The guy for December looks cute ❤

    I thought that girl in the glasses was a boy for a minute! Oh dear xD I blame Black Butler – Ciel wore an Alice in Wonderland dress like her (and Ciel is a boy!). My perceptions are been destroyed gah Dx

    I don't really know too many of these titles – I've heard but haven't really read – but I know Shounen Dolls~! Kya ~

    That Gakuen Babysitter's cover page is SCARY! IS THAT AN OLD MAN??? OR SOMETHING FROM MY NIGHTMARES??? XD

    Wow, you have a lot there ^^ Looking forward to Asuka ❤

    PS. I know I'm late but I hope your day got better!

    • i hav no idea who the dude is except that he’s from haruka LOL.
      thanks for the wishes :)))

      haha. i’ve never properly read black butler is there anything funky going on between the butler and ciel xD? even if the butler is gonna eat his soul or sumthing .

      a lot of my favourite titles are from the LaLas’ . xD
      the author for momoyama kyodai – Fujitsuka Yuki is known for ‘kingyou sou’ & the ’empty boy’ oneshot compilation. the empty boy/kara no shounen compilation is a MUST-READ. some of the best oneshots i’ve read in my life xD.
      Akagami no Shirayuki-hime by akizuki sorata is my favourite shoujo manga of all time.
      gakuen alice is becoming one of my favourites as well as you can tell xD
      and LOL the freaky looking character is actually an old lady who adopted the main characters since their parents passed away xD she’s a nice scary lady! HAHAHA.

      • A lot of fans like to speculate there is something going on but I’d rather not (bc Sebbie is mine >:3)

        :U nice and scary are not meant to be used in the same sentence. I’d develop some crazy psychological problems were I raised by that face..
        But then again, I guess I’d get used to it…right?

        I’ve heard of Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (I actually have a couple of the volumes on my shelf because they were going for dirt cheap on ebay – but I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet xD Fantasy manga usually has a lot of vocab I don’t know which means I’m continuously typing into my J-E dictionary)

        Empty Boy sounds interesting ~ I’ll have to give it a peek if I ever find it 😀

  4. @sylphalchemist
    coooooool you got copies of akagami xDDD ! awesommme
    you got them off ebayyy??? luckyyy!

  5. Wow, I do hope this kind of book service is also available in my country.
    Will you cover one of the series in Lala DX ? I do hope you’ll cover Koi Dano Ai Dano XD
    nice blog, btw 🙂

    • thank you!!!
      i got my magazines from which i think ships to most countries ^_^ . there are other sites you can try(you can find them in the shopping links section).
      unfortunately, im not covering any series in detail at the moment 😦 sorry!
      i am, however, posting up general updates from each issue of lala & lala dx or any other magazine i purchase at the moment.

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