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Lala DX 09/2011~

Okay, this sneak-peak post is way overdue. I meant to complete this in August. August was actually a big fail since M.W only churned out SIX posts. Ah well…look out for Monthly Lala 10 soon. I need to get going with these posts since I’ll be travelling soon, so no scanner. I’m hoping to introduce a new feature post on M.W so please stay tuned…

This issue of Lala DX is like, the ultimate love issue for most of the serialisations(the ones I actually go through)!!! Lots of Kisses! It’s about time since I’ve been coming across all these serialisations ending with no love. Haruka takes the cover this time round, Tohko Mizuno is a very busy manga artist y’all. Continue reading


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Lala DX 07/2011~

Hello, peeps. Or peepz if you’re feeling rather excited, maybe even funky? I hope I bear a great post, for which I will now birth. And you, my dear friendoid, will be ready to receive. I was going to release this weekend’s one-shot post instead but heck, this post took me so long to conceive I’m going to release it now. Forgive me for all the references to pregnancy, I am not pregnant, someone telling me they’re buying dinner bears more joy for me. Jokes.

ANYWAY. Here we have the very exciting bi-monthly magazine, packed with awesome-ness-ness that is Lala DX 07/2011. The pleasure is yours. Hyuck, hyuck. There isn’t exactly any news that we haven’t heard of, just more emphasis on Natsume Yujincho and Hotarubi no Mori E.

Now, let’s go boogie, woogie, woogie down on why this issue is so special. First of all, my favourite shoujo manga(it’s kind of slipping dramatically off that title now though) – Akagami no Shirayuki-hime by Akizuki Sorata is featuring on the cover. And the freebie is a Akagami no Shirayuki-hime mini file! If you’re a HUGE AnS fan, I cannot emphasise just how much you will need this. The illustration is gorgeous and you know what? We have no idea when there’s going to be an AnS freebie again and this might even be the LAST. It is highly unlikely that there’s going to be some production of merchandise for us to buy since it isn’t on the ground of popularity with manga such as Ouran High School Host Club. The AnS fan club will need this to survive the winter, and the summer. Continue reading


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Lala DX 05/2011~

Hello Dearies! I’ve decided to add some(I said some but it’s really only gonna be about 1-3?) scans in my magazine posts to heighten your viewing pleasure. Also, I understand that some of you out there would like to use the illustrations or what not since that’s what I love to do. Anyway, here is Lala DX 05/2011 with Haruka 5 by Tohko Mizuno gracing the cover. I scanned the cover myself so you get a high resolution picture.

Freebie time! I still have my Ouran Bookmarks from Lala Special which I haven’t used yet, such nice collectibles!

Haruka 3D Book-Marks! Click for a larger picture:

I didn’t scan or take any photos of the colour pages at the beginning since they were nearly identical to the ones in Monthly Lala 05/2011. I just took photos of each featured story again^_^. Continue reading


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Lala DX 03/2011 ~

*Spoilers alert*

*I updated this post with additional photos*

We have Yashio to Mikumo by Kusakawa Nari gracing the cover of Lala DX 03/2011!!!

Hello there everyone, I’ve just had one of the worst days in this year but everythings going to be alright! I have faith! Today is also the day my amazon.jp order arrived, I’m expecting the 2nd shipment to be arriving tomorrow since today was an early delivery. In this shipment I got Lala DX 3, Lala 4 & Asuka 4. I will be covering Lala 4 sometime this week and if the world depends on it, I’ll take some snaps of my Asuka 4 too. I don’t scan my stuff even though my scanner sits right next to me xD. A camera is so much easier plus my magazines don’t have to undergo any form of torture Lol. Continue reading


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One Shot for the weekend – Four-Season Color of August

Title: Four-Season Color of August

Author:  Akizuki Sorata

Artist: Akizuki Sorata

Genres: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life

Summary: Sakinomiya Hazuki decides to go the beach before she moves to a new home, and along the way, she catches and hat that flew by. She almost falls when a boy helps her. He introduces himself as Komatsu Yuuto, but the little kids, Haruki (Spring) and Fuyumi (Winter) call him Natsu-neechan (Summer) because he comes to play with them in the summer. She introduces

herself, but the boy gives her the nickname , Aki (Autumn), because her original name was too long. They play together throughout the summer, but will they want to split up when it’s over?

Collected as an omake(extra) in volume one of  Akagami No Shirayuki-hime.


I’ve always found the transition of seasons rather solemn when I think about  how nature keeps progressing – leaving things behind and never looking back. This one-shot re-creates that exact same feeling, making it bittersweet to remember fond memories but reminds us that to forget, is above all, the most sad. It encourages us to constantly look forwards into future, because we can frankly be very surprised.

Overall rating: 4.3/5


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Manga-Talk: i need lala-dx

A 45 pp chapter 22 of Akagami no Shirayuki-hime in Lala DX. The picture is so sweet and romantic, I can never predict what will happen next in this story. I’m gonna get Lala DX this weekend when uni holidays start, will be in London for a whole month! I just did my drama presentation and now I have two assignments to finish off and I know I might have to pull several all-nighters to get them done.

Btw, I pushed back the Kimi ni Todoke review because of my busy-ness-ness. Assignments. sigh sigh sigh. Hope I do fantastic though. How ironic.


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