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One-Shot for Last Weekend – X-Tai Shinsho

xtai1X-Tai Shinsho 

Mangaka: Ezawa

Genre: Action, Comedy, Historical, Shounen, Supernatural

Sugita Genpaku made a contract with a demon in exchange for the ability to cure any disease.
But if he doesn’t find someone to treat within the time limit, his soul will be taken!

Published online on Gangan Online in 2011 by Square Enix.

xtai3Okay, I admit, it’s kind of odd that I’m writing a one-shot post for last week considering the coming weekend is just around the corner. But, still, I don’t like leaving an odd bob of a weekend out while we’re active. The one-shot I’m bringing you to attention is X-Tai Shinsho, it’s really similar to another manga series I’ve written about before in a mushroom-manga post called Kaitai Shinsho Zero. It’s whole concept is almost identical in a way, a super-doctor which cures people of extra-ordinary illnesses. I had wanted this one-shot’s story to be more in lined with a Black Jack kind of doctor story. Like a doctor who is curing the weak and sick in a more humane manner than a ball-busting, demon killing-fest like Kaitai Shinsho Zero; but that was not to be, since the protagonist in X-Tai Shinsho also kinda went that route.


The thing that really caught my interest was the fact that the protagonist would die if he doesn’t cure a person with a deadly illness within a time-limit, it was like, wow Shounen manga really hates their protagonists don’t they. I always find that they always have some seriously depressing past but I suppose that’s how you build a extremely epic story? The manga-ka’s drawing style is also extremely pleasing on the eye, really similar to works from Comic Zero-Sum/Avarus/Gene(I’d fit GanGan Online into this group really). The one-shot was written in the way in which most Shounen manga one-shots are written – to allow a continuation to another extremely long serialisation. I don’t think this one-shot was extremely mind-blowing but I still really like the concept and the fact that the manga-ka chose to set it in a historical era; and having a light-hearted/little haughty protagonist is always a plus(keeps things less serious).


Rating: 3/5

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One-Shot for the Weekend: Ability Shop

Ability Shop | あびりてぃ しょっぷ

Manga-ka: Tashiro Tetsuya

Genre: Fantasy,  Mystery,  Romance,  Shounen,  Tragedy

Toshiki is a below average student and often the target of ridicule. After he accidentally runs into a shop sign and breaks it, he enters the shop and finds out it will sell him abilities.. But these abilities don’t come cheap.

Published on GanGan Online in 2008 as a one-shot by Square Enix.


I’m surprising myself by choosing so many shounen manga one-shots these couple of weeks. That continues this week with a simple story about greed.

The story itself is what one may call predictable; it’s about a boy being bullied and wanting to improve himself then goes too far and suffers the consequences. The idea and theme is very much about human nature which is particularly why I chose it.It’s a morality story and there are quite a number of stories of the same kind using the ‘shop – selling – something – funky’ idea(sorry, no idea what else to call it).

The story opted to be dark in the later stages of the story and though it didn’t exactly attain that aura it wanted, at the end of the day it got the message across – That we should not always take advantage of what is around us, and that we should trust ourselves to strive for better because from one end of life or another, we’ll not be alone.

Have a good weekend.

Rating: 3.5/5

You can read the Japanese version for free on GanGan Online here!

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The M.Weekend Shopper: Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 4

Hey-ho! It feels like a while since we last posted part 3 so I’m feeling rather excited to welcome thee to Part 4 of our Valentine’s Day gift recommendations. There quite a few stuff to oogle at.

Now, now settle down.

YOU, coming in with a cup of coffee/tea, you’re late. I mean obviously I can’t see you, but if you were about to sit down with a cup of coffee/tea then spooky, slash exciting moment.

Now if you have no idea why you are reading this post(which happens to be highly unlikely), let moi fill you in. Let’s say, right here, right now, you’re pulling your hair out, down in the dumps or alternatively, you’re a witness to a scene which involves your own soul evaporating. Why? You have no idea what to get your love one maybe? You’re single but you just want to get into the Valentine spirit! (I admire your enthusiasm!) You want your baby to go gaga over you? You wanna gaga yourself. Well, our little cheekies, we’re here to help you.

Right, if you’d like to get up to speed, here are links to part 1, part 2 & part 3 . We’ve mildly revamped & prett-ify them further & we added additional items into part 3 since creating another post will make things messy.

You have photographic memory? Let’s get on with part 4! Coincidentally, the selection this time round carries a heavier price-tag and the whole special men’s selection is pretty deprived. Continue reading


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Final Fantasy Type-O & Final Fantasy Versus XIII HD Trailers~

Final Fantasy Type-O & Final Fantasy Versus XIII HD trailers are finally released. They both look amazing and I’m so excited! Apparently, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is not going to see a 2011 release since Tetsuya Nomura is hoping to make it “incredible.” I’m sure that the wait will be worth it from what I see in the trailer. There have been leaks from Dengeki & Famitsu magazine which has more detailed information regarding the game-play and you can check out the translations here if you wish.

Remember to set it to 720p & above for HD.

Oh yar. That lady dropping from the sky with extravagant armour is not Stella.


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Final Fantasy VIII-2 Announced & other Fabula Nova Crystallis news~

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been formally announced for PlayStation 3 & Xboxx 360 during Square-Enix’s 1st Production Department Premiere.The sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, will be released this winter. It will have a new battle system according to Square-Enix.

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The M.Weekend Shopper: Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 1

Tis’ the season of spring – that is coming. Season of the new beginnings, renewal, and the welcoming of the bright sun(If you live in the upper hemisphere that is).

Perhaps you want to rejuvenate your love? Going steady recently have you? Chasing that potential partner? M.Weekend is here to help you!

For Him:

Struggling? A dilemma?


“Silver pendant with a motif of “FINAL FANTSY VII” Cloud’s arm bangles. It is stylishly decorated with black carbon.

Size:H / 0.51 inches × W / 0.56 inches, Chain Length / 17.72 inches

Via Square-Enix website

M.W: Final Fantasy VII is widely perceived to be the masterpiece of the Final Fantasy compilation. Get this ultra stylish pendant for that special person, it’ll easily match any wardrobe & make a fashion statement. Even one of the characters from Final Fantasy VII is called Valentine(Val entine’s Day get it? hehe). May Cloud be with you.

Retails at £ 138.00 on the Square-Enix website.

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Random-topic: Knights of the Crystals

For the past 3 days I’ve been obsessed with a Facebook game called Knights of the Crystals by Square Enix. One of my friends called me lame but I was all like ‘woe/evs I love this game.’ I actually started the game because  was just browsing through the FFXIII website and voi-la. I love Square Enix, so there you go. Did I mention I got arawr addicted as well.

It’s almost like Mafia Wars if you ever played it, I have no idea what Mafia Wars is like since I never played it, I just quoted that from somewhere I’ve already forgotten. You level up, get cool items and invite friends to become stronger then you can fight these random people on FB. It’s just like Haymore over here who whacked me 6 times consecutively, no offence if you’re Haymore & you’re reading this. It’s not like I’m going to go after you or anything, but that’s a whole different story…

Like all FB games, they’re designed to earn some dosh, and for the first time in my disgraceful life I decided to spend 6 quid on some Square Enix coins and I wasted it on a silver box, hoping to get some awesome item but I got something ‘common’ instead. How common.

This should be at the beginning of this arc of the post but it’s too much trouble re-arranging the pictures. You go on quests, which you basically don’t do anything but just press accept.

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